You can download zPAM v2.07 from here.

  • Fixed nonsolid window in middle building on Carentan.
  • Removed killtrigger and fixed nonsolid window from Axis house in Burgundy, you can now jump on right roof from window.
  • Fixed bug in B cart on Burgundy where you could be invisible while crouching.
  • Fixed bug located on B bombsite in Burgundy where you could prone into the wall.
  • Adjusted HUD elements in strat to visually blend in as part of zPAM
  • Removed map overview cause of some backend issues.
  • Fixed "Allies/Axis eliminated" text popping out in killfeed before the last player was killed.
  • Removed ESL modes and changed eumr3, eumr10, eumr12, eumr15 to mr3, mr10, mr12, mr15.
sv_iwds for zPAM v2.07 are "1130414631"

  • Replaced Clanbase modes with CyberGamer, also added ESL modes.
  • Made some backend changes in code to make easier adding league modes in future.
  • Added loading CVAR and MD5Tool list via quickcommands, will work only while logged in with rcon.
  • Added clock counting in all modes, and added "Shouldn't this match start" text to print every five minutes.
  • Edited warning about valid modes to be more slower, and then so more attractive to eye.
  • Fixed important bug in all gametypes, in which you could spectate opponent without him noticing by simply changing team in menu.

  • Added message with correct match modes in case you type wrong (all gametypes)
  • Added record window (all gametypes)
  • No more iwd mismatch error (all gametypes)
  • Fixed some bugs which could cause a server crash, and incorrect function of the server (all gametypes)
  • Possibility to disable pistols in pub_rifle modes (S&D gametype, TDM gametype and DM gametype)
  • Fixed timeout issues (DM and TDM gametype)
  • Fixed spectating system - when you follow someone, you see healthbars (S&D gametype)
  • Ability for spectators to overview maps (S&D gametype)
  • Changed the structure of serverbot (S&D gametype)
  • Added some more options for the serverbot (S&D gametype)
  • Added some more logprints (CTF gametype)
  • Fixed respawn timer if someone calls pause (HQ gametype)

  • Removed wooden walls from boxhouse on Carentan (all gametypes)
  • Added some more options for the serverbot (S&D gametype)
  • Removed end of round text "Round winner" (S&D gametype)
  • MR 10, 12 and 15 modes doesn't finish when one of teams reaches 11, 13 or 16 rounds but when 20, 24 or 30 rounds have been played (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed auto-ready in ready-up (S&D gametype)

  • In ready up, if you are a spectator, you are always ready. The first time you connect, you are not ready until you choose a team - playing team or spectator (all gametypes)
  • In cb_rifle, if u don't have the mod downloaded, you are no longer able to spectate other players (all gametypes)
  • In the right scoreboard, allies/axis wins is now yellow (all gametypes)
  • Fixed some color bugs in the right scoreboard (all gametypes)
  • If you change pam_mode when a timeout is called, now you're getting the "killing:enabled" text element (all gametypes)
  • If you change pam_mode when a timeout is called, the bug that told you a timeout has already been called is fixed (all gametypes)
  • Removed the "Punkbuster: Disabled" text element from pub modes (all gametypes)
  • Added wooden models/objects to fix map bugs - Map: Carentan (all gametypes)
  • Added wooden model/object to fix map bug - Map: Dawnville (all gametypes)
  • Fixed some minor bugs (all gametypes)
  • Fixed some pub_rifle/cb_rifle spectator bugs (all gametypes)
  • The forcedownload screen and its text looks better now (all gametypes)
  • Improved the start animation (all gametypes)
  • Removed starting sound (all gametypes)
  • Changed text element positions (STRAT gametype)
  • Fixed a bug which crashed the server in the strat gametype after doing fast_restart (STRAT gametype)
  • Damage is now shown all the time (STRAT gametype)
  • Fixed the grenade timer (STRAT gametype)
  • You cannot die any longer when you're flying with a nade underground (STRAT gametype)
  • Added timeout (HQ gametype)
  • If a timeout is called and you are waiting for respawn, your respawn time stops at the time when timeout starts and respawn time continues when the timeout is over (HQ gametype)

  • Changed positions of the connect screens on all maps (S&D gametype)
  • Added message "Joined Spectators" when joining Spectators (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed a bug which duplicated weapons by picking limited weapons and spawning with them (S&D gametype)
  • Now you can spawn and play 2 seconds after the round has already started (S&D gametype)
  • In the pub_rifle mode, it is now possible to kill for 5 seconds after the round ends (S&D gametype)
  • Set that the killing time after the round is over is now constant - due to some game bugs, it was sometimes 3 seconds and sometimes 5 seconds (S&D gametype)
  • In the rush mode, instead of the clock appearing in the left upper corner when the bomb is planted, now it will appear on its standard place - bottom of the screen (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed the bug where, when you shot with a weapon in strat time, you couldn't switch to a different one, now you can change it again (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed a timeout bug in cb_2v2, the timeout is now 5 minutes not 1 (S&D gametype)
  • If you're planting/defusing and if you get kicked, other players are now able to plant/defuse (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed a bug, so now you are not able to have 2-3-4-5... scopes per team - changing the weapon after the clock appeared which didn't make a session for your new weapon but enabled your previous weapon in the menu (S&D gametype)
  • You are able to change your weapon until the round is completely over - as opposed to having time until the clock shows (S&D gametype)
  • Time after the round is over is now shorter (S&D gametype)
  • New mode bash - unlimited time, unable to plant, only pistol with no bullets, 1 round only, added description into the scoreboard about the mode, removed timer (S&D gametype)
  • If someone gets kicked during a round, the "players left" text element now updates (S&D gametype)
  • The previously hidden text elements, "players left" and "score" are now visible in ready up (S&D gametype)
  • In MR modes, in the left upper corner there is a score now, which was previously hidden (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed so now you're getting a real smoke/grenade if you changed your weapon in strat time (S&D gametype)
  • Added readiness, player id, player state, player plants and player defuses into serverbot info (S&D gametype)
  • Added ability to set your own refreshtime to serverbot
  • Fixed some bugs in serverbot
  • There is now command to restart serverbot
  • A message about serverbot being enabled shows 6 minutes after server started
  • Implemented a spectating system showing player health
  • Added end of round text "Round winner"

  • Fixed some small bugs (all gametypes)
  • Changed the text element "zPAM v2.01" to "zPAM v2.02" (all gametypes)
  • In "cb_rifle" mode on Russian maps, Russian models are changed back to British ones (S&D gametype)
  • In all MR modes on Russian maps, the Russian side is changed with the British sides (S&D gametype)
  • Added automatic load of "pbsvuser.cfg" to all MR modes (S&D gametype)
  • MR modes use same ready-up system as CB modes (S&D gametype)

  • Added automatic load of "pbsvuser.cfg" to all CB modes (all gametypes)
  • Changed the text element "zPAM v2.00" to "zPAM v2.01" (all gametypes)
  • Removed "esf" mode (S&D gametype)

  • In all CB and MR modes forcing picmip has been removed due to texture changing (all gametypes)
  • In all CB modes instead of the clock text element and count timer, there is now a "Match starts in" text element and countdown timer (5 minutes) - after 5 minutes, it shows a message to ready-up (all gametypes)
  • In all modes start time is extended (all gametypes)
  • In pub modes no CVARs are forced anymore (all gametypes)
  • Changed the text element "zPAM v1.01" to "zPAM v2.00" (all gametypes)
  • Fixed bug which showed wrong score when the round was over - small team scoreboard (all gametypes)
  • There is no need to have the MOD downloaded to see the entire animation (all gametypes)
  • "Your Status: Not Ready" and "Killing: Disabled" has the same color now (all gametypes)
  • Added a sound when first and second halftime starts - MOD has to be downloaded to hear this starting sound (all gametypes)
  • Added a sound when map is over - MOD has to be downloaded to hear this ending sound (all gametypes)
  • Improved the start animation (all gametypes)
  • Fixed a bug, during which you didn't get back the compass, if you disconnected during the start animation (all gametypes)
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to throw grenades in strat time (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed a cancel timeout bug (S&D gametype)
  • Fixed a deadchat bug (S&D gametype)
  • Removed killing after the round is over from MR modes (S&D gametype)
  • Edited "cb_rush" mode (S&D gametype)
  • Removed "zPAM v2.00" text element from pub mode (DM gametype)
  • Added "pub_rifle" mode (S&D, TDM and DM gametype)
  • The countdown when calling a timeout is now more precise (TDM, DM, CTF and HQ gametype)
  • Killing is enabled (STRAT gametype)
  • When grenade training is ON, grenades do not kill you (STRAT gametype)
  • Fixed a bug that set grenade training mode to ON after death (STRAT gametype)
  • Removed shellshock (STRAT gametype)
  • Added some additional CVAR restrictions (STRAT gametype)
  • Added a health bar (STRAT gametype)
  • Added cb_rifle mode (new mode in S&D, TDM and DM gametype):
  • Special weapon menu in cb_rifle
  • New weapon menu updater in cb_rifle
  • Forcing download for cb_rifle
  • On Russian maps, British models are changed back to Russian ones for cb_rifle
NOTE: If pam_mode is set to "cb_rifle" and if you're in not ingame (e.g. minimized) during a map change, you will most likely see a black screen with instructions on how to download the MOD. This occurs because the start menu isn't opened when connected. The easiest fix is simply reconnecting.

  • In all CB modes on Russian maps, the Russian side is changed with the British sides - the server makes a large restart because of different player models (all gametypes)
  • In all CB modes halftime is set back to 5 minutes (all gametypes)
  • In all CB and MR modes rate is forced to 25000, cl_maxpackets is forced to 100, snaps is forced to 30 and r_picmip is forced to 2 (all gametypes)
  • On Toujane tower/jump there is now a wall so you cannot abuse the bug, where you could spot enemies through the tower (all gametypes)
  • On Dawnville tunnel there is now a wall so you cannot abuse the bug, where you received vision through the tunnel on the other side of the building (all gametypes)
  • On Harbor B plant house there is now a wall so you cannot abuse the bug which allowed you to see enemies through it (all gametypes)
  • Removed modes which are not in use anymore (all gametypes)
  • PPSH bullets are set back to 71 (all gametypes)
  • Changed the text element "zPAM" to "zPAM v1.01" (all gametypes)
  • Fixed pub modes so that now you are able to add your own settings (all gametypes)
  • Added timeout (DM gametype)
  • "Stratagy Planning Mode" has been changed to "Strategy Planning Mode" (STRAT gametype)
  • Changed some settings in cb_rush mode (S&D gametype)
  • Added an "esf" mode (S&D gametype)
  • Changing your primary weapon in strat time can be performed multiple times now, not just once as before (S&D gametype)
  • 5 seconds after a round is over, killing is enabled (S&D gametype - ESF, eumr3, eumr10, eumr12, eumr15 and pub mode)
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to cancel a timeout (TDM, DM, CTF and HQ gametype)
NOTE: To force rate, snaps, packets or picmip simply put the line seta de_force_rate "25000" (de_force_snaps, de_force_picmip and de_force_packets) in your server config.

Main Features

Deathmatch gametype (DM):
  • Competitive mode with ready-up
  • No MGs/turrets and no fog/dust/sounds
  • Competitive and pub mode work seperately so there is no change in pub mode
  • Ruleset for CyberGamer (15 minutes per map, no timeout and halftime)
  • There must be a minimum of 2 players connected to the server to start the ready-up mode
  • Different spawn points in ready-up mode

Strategy Planning Mode (STRAT):
  • Ability to turn on/off the training grenade fly mode for each player
  • Save/load position function
  • Grenade counter
  • Instructions for how to load/save position, how to turn on/off training grenade fly mode and the text element for grenade counter
  • Messages to notify each player when the position is loaded/saved or training grenade fly mode is turned on/off
  • Ability to change weapon instantly so there is no need to die anymore in order to get a new weapon
  • List of allowed weapons which have smoke
  • No fog/dust/sounds
  • Objective text with explanantion, what this gametype is used for, into the scoreboard

Search and Destroy gametype (SD):
  • Decreased start time and added ability to drop grenades when dead in MR12 and MR10
  • In MR3 / MR10 / MR12 / MR30, if one of teams reach the majority of rounds, the winning score, that team wins
  • Added MR3 mode with overtimes if the original score was a tie of both teams
  • In warmup mode (before ready-up mode) it is no longer possible to claim a round by switching sides quickly
  • It is not possible to plant a bomb before the round starts
  • Cancel of timeout - can only be used once
  • Ability to change nick in warmup, ready-up, halftime and pause mode - in pub mode it works like it used to
  • Deadchat function which automatically disables deadchat in round and enables it when round is over

All gametypes:
  • Added the text element "Kills" and changed position of kill counter in ready-up mode
  • Added the "Clock" text element which starts counting when ready-up mode is active (it will only appear in the first ready-up and it is used to let people know how many minutes have passed between map change)
  • Added auto pistol refill when the primary weapon changes (works only if its not in the match/round)
  • Changed the text message "You are on Team 1/2" to "You are on Team Axis/Allies"
  • Overall function improved to decrease chances of crash
  • Added "pb_sv_kicklen 0" so there is no need to disable it every time server restarts
  • pam_mode pub is always the default/first mode
  • added "About" to quickchat (/openscriptmenu call about)
  • Added an animation when all players are ready
  • Added pub modes to every gametype since it was using CVARs from the previously used mode (in case there wasn't one, the server didn't load anything)
  • In all cg modes, the halftime period is 5 minutes
  • The text element which shows how many players are left, appears only when match starts
  • If you haven't killed anybody in ready-up mode, it will show "Killing: disabled", when you kill somebody, it is changed to "Kills: [kills]"
  • The ready-up mode text element is now bigger
  • In pub modes friendly fire is set to 0 by default
  • Added serverBOT which gives server/player information
  • Added a record window
  • When a pause is called, a text element is created and countsdown 20 seconds, after 20 seconds, it goes into a timeout (TDM, DM, CTF and HQ gametype)
It's suggested that everyone downloads the mod and puts it into main folder because that way the start animation looks better, you have an autorecord function in case you forgot to start recording and you can call a timeout in quick chat.


What is serverBOT? - basically 4 commands which give you player/server information and that way you can use the information to show on your website. If you wish to install serverBOT to your server, here are a few steps you will have to do. First thing you have to do is to put seta pam_enable_serverbot "1" into your server config. Next step is setting the correct mode. ServerBOT doesn't work if mode (pam_mode) is set to pub or if gametype isn't set to SD. After that, a server restart is needed (map_restart). 60 seconds after server is started, you should get a message if serverBOT is turned on or if it couldn't be loaded. Now you have 4 new commands available:
  • pam_sd_info_static - gives server settings (gametype, round length, halftime length, timeout length, timeouts per map, timeouts per side, what the bomb timer is set to, rounds per halftime, rounds per map, needed score to finish map, mode, map, strat time) - the refresh time is set to 5 seconds,
  • pam_sd_info_dynamic - gives server settings (allies score, axis score, is it in timeout?, is it in readyup?, is it in warmup?, is it halftime?) - refresh time is set to 5 seconds,
  • pam_sd_info_event - gives info about events (name & team of the player who called timeout & count, name & team of the player who canceled timeout & count, the team which won round & count, name & team of the player who defused bomb & count, name & team of the player who planted bomb & count, the team of killed player & name of killed player & team of attacker & name of attacker & weapon & hit location & reason of death & count) - refresh time is set to 2 seconds,
  • pam_info_player - gives player info (position, angle, name, health, score, deaths, team, weapon) - refresh time is set to 1 second.
Please note that these commands work only if you are logged in with RCON password.
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