Founder: marvin_:D
Created: 1:21pm 31/10/16
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Team Germany 2 vs Team Croatia 2
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Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptain
Added by: MARCDE pc MG (online now)YesNoYes
Added by: marvin_:DDE pc marvin_:DNoNoYes
Added by: MARCDE pc smiLE_KINGNoNoNo
Added by: MARCDE pc BzumoYesNoNo
Added by: MARCDE pc petARYesNoNo
Added by: MARCDE pc Wo0NoYesYes
Added by: marvin_:DDE pc dUFZYesYesNo
Added by: MARCDE pc luuuuuuk (online 1h ago)NoYesNo
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Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Team Germany 2 vs Team Poland 2
Team Poland 2: 2-011:35pm 27/11/16
Team Germany 2 vs Team Croatia 2
Team Croatia 2: 2-06:05pm 13/11/16
Team Israel vs Team Germany 2
Team Israel: 2-110:45pm 20/11/16
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