PC: CoD4 Nations Cup 2016

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Tournament Summary
Swiss Format - 3 lives
Required teams:12
Entry fee per player:Free
Players per team:5
Subs allowed:3
Payout structure:
#Team Prize
1st:125 days
2nd:100 days
3rd:50 days
4th:50 days
5th:40 days
6th:40 days
7th:40 days
8th:40 days
9th:17 days
10th:17 days
11th:17 days
12th:17 days
13th:17 days
14th:17 days
15th:17 days
16th:17 days
The CyberGamer Premium prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.
Tournament Format Information
  • Once your team has 3 losses you are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Each round you play a team with the same number of wins and losses as you (without playing the same team twice).
  • Once there are 4 or less teams remaining a small knockout single elimination bracket is created for the finals.
Grand Final
Team United Kingdom vs Team Netherlands 2
2:54am 6/2/17 - Completed - MAP TBA
Tournament Information
Matches are BO3 Veto

Last updated by: GoTTi - 5:09pm 6/11/16
PC: CoD4 Nations Cup 2016
Matches for this tournament are created with 2 hours notice
Matches are only marked complete after BOTH teams enter the score, matches will not auto-resolve.
Tournament status: Archived
Platform: PC
Start time: Sunday 5:00pm November 6th 2016
621 days of premiumPrize Pool:
Tournament should be linked to a season.
No servers are required for this tournament.

1stTeam Netherlands 2Yes - CyberGamer Premium: 125d
2ndTeam United KingdomYes - CyberGamer Premium: 100d
3rdTeam Czech Republic Yes - CyberGamer Premium: 50d
4thTeam BelgiumYes - CyberGamer Premium: 50d
5thTeam Croatia 2Yes - CyberGamer Premium: 40d
6thTeam NetherlandsYes - CyberGamer Premium: 40d
7thTeam France 2Yes - CyberGamer Premium: 40d
8thTeam PolandYes - CyberGamer Premium: 40d
9thTeam FranceYes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
10thTeam Poland 2Yes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
11thTeam Russia 2Yes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
12thTeam IsraelYes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
13thTeam FinlandYes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
14thTeam UkraineYes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
15thTeam CroatiaYes - CyberGamer Premium: 18d
AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot3:23am 20/2/17

Tournament completed, trophies and any prizes have been awarded.
151 trophies have been awarded, most prestigious was Won a free tournament with 200 players.

DE GoTTiTeam Germany - Tournament Admin5:14pm 12/2/17

Final 19:00 CET Stream tonight @ https://www.twitch.tv/gotti1337
GoTTi1337 - Twitch

Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. More than 45 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch's video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. This includes game publishers, developers, media outlets, industry conventions and press conferences, casual gamers and gaming for charity events. Twitch also caters to the entire esports industry, spanning the top pro players, tournaments, leagues, talk shows and organizations. Learn more at https://twitch.tv.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot1:02am 6/2/17

Grand final has been created: Team United Kingdom vs Team Netherlands 2.

IL darl1NgTeam Israel10:33am 1/12/16

When the playoffs will occur?

DE GoTTiTeam Germany - Tournament Admin11:40pm 4/12/16
replying to darl1Ng .

When 4 teams remain

replying to darl1Ng .

4 seems so small..

replying to darl1Ng .

Exactly, even bracket fucked up. #goplayoffs

ES ASSorX1:16pm 9/11/16

why not stream??? is more attractive to get players

BA mLP2:24pm 7/11/16

where is stream ?

ES ASSorX12:36pm 7/11/16


AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot5:00pm 6/11/16

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot4:50pm 6/11/16

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (0), final signups still open. So far 28/32 teams have joined. 4 places remain. We currently meet the minimum required teams for the tournament to proceed!.

IL darl1NgTeam Israel4:05pm 6/11/16

Where are the matches?

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot9:00am 12/10/16

Registrations are now open

Teams competing (27)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
Team United Kingdom (seed: 4)2-
Team Netherlands 2 (seed: 3)2-
Team Belgium (seed: 1)1-
Team Czech Republic (seed: 2)1-
Team Poland 2 (late rego)--
Team Poland (late rego)--
Team North America (late rego)--
Team Russia (late rego)--
Team Slovenia (late rego)--
Team Ukraine (late rego)--
Team Sweden (late rego)--
Team Slovenia 2 (late rego)--
Team Netherlands (late rego)--
Team Russia 2 (late rego)--
Team Israel (late rego)--
Team Czech Republic 2 (late rego)--
Team Finland (late rego)--
Team Croatia 2 (late rego)--
Team Croatia (late rego)--
Team Bosnia (late rego)--
Team France (late rego)--
Team France 2 (late rego)--
Team Iran (late rego)--
Team Iceland (late rego)--
Team Hungary (late rego)--
Team Germany (late rego)--
Team Italy (late rego)--
Late regos (1)
Team Germany 2
Late join - 1:21pm 31/10/16
Teams that withdrew or were removed (1)