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Tournament Summary
5v5: Single Elimination
Required teams:8
Entry fee per player:Free
Players per team:5
Subs allowed:2
Prize pool pay structure (4 places paid):
The top 25% of teams receive prizes (default).

Teams that receive prizes will have the winnings split evenly between all members/subs. CG Credits Information.
Grand Final
iPLAY eSports e.V. vs Syphon Gaming
10:56pm 26/7/15 - Completed - mp_crossfire
Congratulations tournament winner: iPLAY eSports e.V.
Semi Finals
OMEGA369 vs iPLAY eSports e.V.
9:21pm 26/7/15 - Completed - mp_backlot
Winner: iPLAY eSports e.V.

Syphon Gaming vs Made in Europe
9:54pm 26/7/15 - Completed - mp_citystreets
Winner: Syphon Gaming

Rules Overview
CGAC required. All players must record demos, failure to upload a requested demo will result in a match forfeit. Matches are best of one map, you need to VETO your map choices on the match page at the start of the match. Both teams need to enter the match score after the match is complete.
PC: EU COD4 5v5 Sunday Tournament
Tournament status: Archived
Platform: PC
Start time: Sunday 7:00pm July 26th 2015
Prize Pool:€100.00
Tournament should be linked to a season.
The entire prize pool is provided by CyberGamer, please consider supporting CyberGamer by subscribing to CyberGamer Premium.
Map(s) chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match

1stiPLAY eSports e.V.PAID - 50.00
2ndSyphon GamingPAID - 25.00
3rdOMEGA369PAID - 12.50
4thMade in EuropePAID - 12.50
Players looking for a team
sweekr (offline)
Message: can mix smg/ak evolve: CHETFAKER
exzz` (offline)
Message: mixable for this: smg/ak | Evolve: helios3210
obesus (offline)
Message: I can mix smg/ak evolve: vasa13
plaxz (offline)
Message: mix me. All weap:) evolve plaxz
AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot3:24pm 27/7/15

Trophies and any prizes have been awarded.

How will we receive a money?

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot12:02am 27/7/15

Tournament ID 39 is now in the final stages of completion!

thx admins for cup.

Good game!

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot10:56pm 26/7/15

Grand final has been created: iPLAY eSports e.V. vs Syphon Gaming

BE JagtenBallerS - round 2 match8:37pm 26/7/15 Qnatek vs BallerS


BE JagtenBallerS - round 2 match7:37pm 26/7/15 Streaming Qnatek Esports vs gaming!


AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot7:01pm 26/7/15

Tournament has started successfully, the bracket can now be viewed, teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot6:59pm 26/7/15

Registrations have now closed, ineligible teams will be removed shortly.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot6:50pm 26/7/15

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (8), final signups still open. So far 21/32 teams have joined. 11 places remain. We currently meet the minimum required teams (8) for the tournament to proceed!.

BE JagtenBallerS - round 2 match6:45pm 26/7/15

I will be streaming the cup live @ First I'll play with my mix, next I will shoutcast


who is gonna streaming this event?

Use the server which are provided by the system. These can be found on the top side of the match link.

HR GuMMi5:09pm 26/7/15

can mix for this tournament evolve: gummizj

SI exzz`5:10pm 26/7/15
replying to GuMMi .

Me too: Evolve: helios3210

CGAC is mandatory for this Tournament:
CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!: Page 3 | CGAC Announcements | Online Games Forum

CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!: Page 3 - CGAC Announcements, Online Games Forum

replying to MARC .

is link working? i mean i have message about w8ing.

replying to MARC .

Yep, but some people shared an other link. Use that one

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot1:57pm 21/7/15

Registrations are now open

Teams competing (22)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
iPLAY eSports e.V. (seed: 21)5-
Syphon Gaming (seed: 6)5-
Made in Europe (seed: 7)4-
OMEGA369 (seed: 9)4-
sniipcroteam (seed: 16)3-
Qnatek Esports (seed: 14)3-
Seems Legit (seed: 18)3-
pulseCORE Gaming (seed: 20)3-
was never good (seed: 4)2-
TEAM-PHASE (seed: 1)2-
TEAM PAIN BEURRE (seed: 10)2-
Vitriolic CGo (seed: 2)2-
Mom Get The Camera (seed: 5)2-
BallerS (seed: 3)2-
Lekestue (seed: 8)2-
Brutal-Gaming (seed: 22)2-
Wisers (seed: 12)1-
Camel Team (seed: 17)1-
finnGermans (seed: 11)1-
JoinTheForce (seed: 15)1- gaming (seed: 19)1-
ECCIES (seed: 13)1-
Teams that withdrew or were removed (17)
BS Clan From Pakistan
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
Camel Team
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
my semtex
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
NFY nubz
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
Nice Guys
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
pLp Gaming
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
zero old school
Auto Removed (were not eligible/complete)
BS Clan
sniip sefovi