PC: CoD4 P2P Season 5 Playoffs

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Tournament Summary
Swiss Format - 3 lives
Required teams:10
Entry fee per player:Free
Players per team:5
Subs allowed:2
Payout structure:
#Team Prize
1st:15 days
2nd:12 days
3rd:11 days
4th:7 days
The CyberGamer Premium prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.
Tournament Format Information
  • Once your team has 3 losses you are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Each round you play a team with the same number of wins and losses as you (without playing the same team twice).
  • Once there are 4 or less teams remaining a small knockout single elimination bracket is created for the finals.
Tournament Information

The first team (left side on match page) has to offer 3 match dates on at least 2 different days. E.g. "Wednesday 2nd August 6pm / 8pm or Thursday 3rd August 8pm". The second team (right side of the match page) has 48h to react to these offers and accept one of the proposed times. If no time is acceptable, team two has to offer 3 different play times as well. If no agreement is met by the default date (every Sunday 8pm), the match has to be played at Sunday 8pm.

To claim a no-show win you have to have 5 members of you team with CGAC on a streamed server, providing a screenshot and the IP of the server as evidence.
If neither team showed up for the default date, admins will decide who wins the match depending on who showed the most effort in arranging the match or by flipping a coin.

Please note that the swiss system is not made for 10 teams, so there will be delays with teams not having an opponent for 1-2 rounds, maybe even 3. If a team loses 3 times, it is out of the cup, when 4 teams remain, a semi final will start.

All matches are Veto BO3 MR12.
Default P2P rules apply. Mixing is forbidden under any circumstances.

Last updated by: GoTTi - 2:15pm 29/7/17
PC: CoD4 P2P Season 5 Playoffs
Status: Cancelled (insufficient teams)
Platform: PC
Start time: Sunday 8:00pm July 30th 2017
Registration period was automatically extended.
45 days of premiumPrize Pool:
Tournament should be linked to a season.
AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot1:36pm 24/8/17

Tournament has been cancelled due to insufficient team numbers.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot1:34pm 24/8/17

Tournament has been cancelled by an admin.

BE uzuma1:27pm 24/8/17

As there's only 30% activity left in this P2P season, the money from this P2P season will be transfered to the next season. Teams who have ZERO noshows could request a refund. Every team who made it to the playoffs gets free access in the current season.

Contact me on CG if you have any questions about this.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot8:47pm 29/7/17

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot8:43pm 29/7/17

An admin has auto ready'd all teams and closed registrations, early seeding of the bracket will commence shortly.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot8:40pm 29/7/17

An admin has moved the start time back by 120m, tournament will now start at 8:00pm 30/7/17.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot2:12pm 29/7/17

Registrations are now open

Teams competing (0)
No teams have joined this tournament.
Teams that withdrew or were removed (10)
Removed by tournament cancellation
Dont cry EMO KID
Removed by tournament cancellation
Dragon SlayerS
Removed by tournament cancellation
EraseME Gaming p2p
Removed by tournament cancellation
Removed by tournament cancellation
Nasty Empire
Removed by tournament cancellation
pulseCore Gaming
Removed by tournament cancellation
The Wizards of CoDz
Removed by tournament cancellation
trouble gaming
Removed by tournament cancellation
Unknown GaminG
Removed by tournament cancellation