Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

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Tournament Summary
5v5: Single Elimination
Play Off match for 3rd/4th place: Yes
Required teams:4
Entry fee per player (plus ):Free
Players per team:5
Subs allowed:2
Prize pool pay structure (3 places paid):
Places paid will not increase.

Teams that receive prizes will have the winnings split evenly between all members/subs. CG Credits Information.
Grand Final
Climax-Clan vs Pimp Squad
2:16pm 25/4/17 - Completed - SND-Crash
Congratulations tournament winner: Climax-Clan
Match for 3rd place
Malice Blue vs Kanes back boizzzz
2:16pm 25/4/17 - Completed - SND-Crash
Winner: Kanes back boizzzz
Semi Finals
Kanes back boizzzz vs Pimp Squad
1:06pm 25/4/17 - Completed - SND-Overgrown
Winner: Pimp Squad

Malice Blue vs Climax-Clan
1:20pm 25/4/17 - Completed - SND-Crash
Winner: Climax-Clan

PS4: COD MWR: 5v5 SnD $120
This tournament has RANDOM seeding for all teams.
Tournament status: Archived
Platform: PS4
Start time: Tuesday 11:00am April 25th 2017
CyberGamer Premium required for all players (inc subs):Yes
To compete in this tournament you must have an active CyberGamer Premium subscription.
Prize Pool:$120.00
Tournament should be linked to a season.
The entire prize pool is provided by CyberGamer, please consider supporting CyberGamer by subscribing to CyberGamer Premium.

1stClimax-ClanPAID - 60.00
2ndPimp SquadPAID - 36.00
3rdKanes back boizzzzPAID - 24.00
4thMalice BlueYes
5thpick ups..Yes
6thDirty Mike And The BoysYes
AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot3:09pm 25/4/17

Tournament completed, trophies and any prizes have been awarded.
52 trophies have been awarded, most prestigious was Won a free tournament with 100 players.

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot2:13pm 25/4/17

Match for 3rd place has been created: Malice Blue vs Kanes back boizzzz

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot2:13pm 25/4/17

Grand final has been created: Climax-Clan vs Pimp Squad.

AU `RageWetttt1:30pm 25/4/17

LFS like this if your keen

AU vFearedParadox11:55am 25/4/17

anyone need a fill?

AU pezTop Fishy11:55am 25/4/17

lfs add pezg0d-

Money comps Should be veto not a fkin random map

replying to Pudgey .


AU PeNzKiiPimp Squad11:02am 25/4/17

so much for late rego

AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot11:02am 25/4/17

Tournament has started, the bracket can now be viewed. Teams will be entered into their first match shortly.

NZ TwiinkyZSuit Up11:01am 25/4/17


AU PhadezSuit Up10:59am 25/4/17


AU Titanium-pick ups..10:56am 25/4/17


replying to Titanium- .

Merge with us we got 3

replying to Titanium- .

Oi i got 3 plus you n jxsah

AU Impact_Ewokpick ups..10:56am 25/4/17

Anyone wanna make a quick pick up team?

AU BlakkJakkPimp Squad10:56am 25/4/17

apply lf1

AU Jestxhpick ups..10:52am 25/4/17

F/a anyone

AU PeNzKiiPimp Squad10:51am 25/4/17

LFT Dan and Penzki or just me if you need 1

replying to PeNzKii .

All 3 of you apply

replying to PeNzKii .


AU CyberGamer AdminAdmin Bot10:50am 25/4/17

Teams that have not ready'd up have been removed (0), final signups still open. So far 13/32 teams have joined. 19 places remain. We currently meet the minimum required teams for the tournament to proceed!.

AU Titanium-pick ups..10:46am 25/4/17


AU HyPa_AU10:53am 25/4/17
replying to Titanium- .


21 NZ GelidSuit Up10:45am 25/4/17

Applyy still LF3

AU Mxthodpick ups..10:43am 25/4/17


AU Impact_Ewokpick ups..10:42am 25/4/17

LF a decent team

AU LowKeySkaatpick ups..10:37am 25/4/17


replying to LowKeySkaat .

Apply boyy

21 NZ GelidSuit Up10:35am 25/4/17


AU Aaron10:34am 25/4/17


AU FrantelleWetttt10:33am 25/4/17

looking for team

replying to Frantelle .


AU naiL.Mmmmmmkkk10:30am 25/4/17

Look for a sub.

replying to naiL. .

Ye get me in

19 AU BootbrahNightmare10:29am 25/4/17

LFT Sub or core

replying to Bootbrah .


AU SCNDLNightmare10:29am 25/4/17
replying to Bootbrah .


21 NZ GelidSuit Up10:27am 25/4/17


AU SCNDLNightmare10:26am 25/4/17

Lfm apply

replying to SCNDL .


AU FluidzKFC eSports10:26am 25/4/17

Need one

Teams competing (15)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
10 Climax-Clan (seed: 5)4-
51 Pimp Squad (seed: 7)4-
55 Kanes back boizzzz (seed: 3)--
pick ups.. (seed: 6)2-
6 Wetttt (seed: 15)2-
29 Contempt (seed: 16)2-
24 Dirty Mike And The Boys (seed: 13)2-
17 Suit Up (seed: 4)1-
18 tony is really shit (seed: 14)1-
4 Top Fishy (seed: 2)1-
37 Nightmare (seed: 8)1-
2 Massive (seed: 1)1-
46 Mmmmmmkkk (seed: 12)1-
5 Redemption (seed: 10)1-
8 Malice Blue (seed: 9)--
Late regos (1)
KFC eSports
Late join - 10:04am 25/4/17
Teams that withdrew or were removed (6)
Hashtag merky 2016
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
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