Call of Duty 1 S&D Night Cup

We are happy to announce CyberGamer's first Call of Duty 1 S&D Night Cup. With our ladders now fully in motion, we have decided to bring in night cups for this game.

Our first cup will be for CoD1 5v5 S&D (all weapons) so you will need 5 members to form your team.You can use your existing team if you are playing in our CoD1 S&D Ladder.

UPDATE: If we do not get to the required 16 teams by 14:00h on the 10th May, The first cup will have to be delayed to Sunday 17th May to allow time for more teams to enter.

UPDATE: Cup is being delayed to Sunday 17th May to allow time for more teams to enter.

FINAL UPDATE: Cup is cancelled due to not enough teams showing up at proposed date. We will be opening signups for a rifle only tournament in 2 weeks time.

General Information

Cup admins: dream, Nervvv, razRRuk, RYLZ
Tournament date: Sunday, 17th May 2015.
Number of slots: 8
Start time: 19:00 CET
Format: Single elimination
Teamsize: 5v5
Gametype: S&D
pam_mode: mr12
Map list: same as ladder
Match rules: A team wins the match when they reach 13 rounds. If the score is 12-12 - overtime is to be played and the pam_mode must be changed to eumr3. In this tournament our basic CoD1 S&D rules apply. Exceptions are map choices and pam_mode.


Round 1 - 19:00h CET - Best of One (BO1)
Round 2 - 20:00h CET - Best of One (BO1)
Semi finals - 21:00h CET - Best of One (BO1)
Grand final - 22:00h CET - Best of Three (BO3)

Additional Rules

NEW PAM v1.11 will be used on available cup servers (information to be provided)
Teams must have 5 players with registered CoD1 PB GUID and Veritas ID.
Veritas MUST be used and must be uploaded by all players after the match
Maps will be decided through elimination.
Pistol bash will decide which team chooses to eliminates first
The last map remaining will be played.
Pistol bash will decide sides.
In the case of a 12-12 draw - pam_mode mr3 will be used until we have a winner.
Once the match is over, teams will have 10 minutes to request any demos. PLEASE NOTE VERITAS SESSION FILES MUST BE UPLOADED BY ALL PLAYERS AFTER THE MATCH. Teams must upload requested files before their next match begins. Admins will be available on IRC in case there are any issues.
Details of next match will be provided on IRC and on the updated tournament bracket page

In the case of BO3 finals teams will choose one map each. IF a third map is required, elimination will be used again.

Signup Process

Sign up stage will get closed 1 hour before the first round. Until then you can apply even if there are already 16 teams in awaiting pool, but your team will be treated as a backup and you won't know if you got into the cup until brackets are released. Before announcing the brackets, we will remove all the teams with 4 or less players, as well as all other teams that don't fulfill above requirements and replace them with backup teams on the list.

Matches will be automatically generated after we publish brackets. You will be able to speak with an opponent in match discussion page. Everyone should see the match in Notifications (after 19h CET).

Join Quakenet IRC channel: #cg.cod1 an hour before matches are due to start as we will verify whether the team is available to start and play the entire cup, otherwise we may replace the team if no contact can be made.


1st place gets 5x CyberGamer Premium Memberships for one month.

Tournament Completed!!!
Tournament Entrants (8):
prosaurus 1:48am 5/5/15 1000 REMOVE
Red River Still Alive 8:47am 5/5/15 1000 REMOVE
TEAM-in2ition 1:37pm 5/5/15 1000 REMOVE
GotOwned 1:54pm 5/5/15 1000 REMOVE
CZECH THIS OUT 5:09pm 5/5/15 1000 REMOVE
GE/2MANITE GAMING long love story 8:54pm 5/5/15 1000 REMOVE
Hypernia 2:42am 10/5/15 1000 REMOVE
GETAWAY 6:02pm 17/5/15 1000 REMOVE
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