A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: skdp
Members: 8
Locations: HR (5) SE (1) DE (1) BA (1)
Registered: 10/9/18
Founder: bexie
Status: 6 players (75%) have been online in the last 2 months.
Team Members
bexie (Joined 194 days ago) Captain
iKERyOZO (Online today) Member
luckzje (Joined 190 days ago) Member
fefake (Joined 78 days ago) Member
KommRunter (Joined 194 days ago) Member
dark11 (Joined 177 days ago) Member
tomijee (Joined 177 days ago) Member
RIFFO (Joined 78 days ago) Member
skdp vs zQerxks*** February 13th
SAITEC ESPORTS: 3v3 vs skdp February 1st
skdp vs INTEL [3v3] January 31st
skdp vs Segafredo January 24th
skdp vs torbe January 21st