A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: Paradox
Members: 39
Subscribers: 1
Locations: DE (8) NL (8) GB (4) HR (3) FI (3) GR (2)
Registered: 22/3/18
Founder: Blackchaos.'
Status: 33 players (85%) have been online in the last 2 weeks.
Current Season
December 2018
Rank #11
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members (15 online today)
Blackchaos.' (Online today) Captain
wAde (Joined 304 days ago) Captain
Alexxx (Online yesterday) Captain
dOOWAYST (Joined 297 days ago) Captain
wascht (Online yesterday) Captain
Richard_ (Joined 275 days ago) Captain
SuPeRKiLLeR (Online yesterday) Captain
sER (Online today) Captain
kspr (Joined 198 days ago) Captain
NightfurY! (Online Now!) Captain
Matzy (Online today) Captain
ravezoR (Online an hour ago) Captain
Dutchboy (Online an hour ago) Captain
sasuke kun (Online yesterday) Member
devzr (Online today) Member
irreeL (Online today) Member
grizzli (Online today) Member
op4m1k1 (Online an hour ago) Member
pussyfothermuckers (Online yesterday) Member
ephezyYyY (Joined 121 days ago) Member
martaseq (Online today) Member
vansie (Joined 116 days ago) Member
lanzii (Online today) Member
ghost89 (Joined 112 days ago) Member
Bl4diii (Online Now!) Member
F1CHO (Joined 106 days ago) Member (Joined 106 days ago) Member
lackyyy (Joined 103 days ago) Member
infyy (Online today) Member
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Hatton (Online yesterday) Member
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