EZ 3v3

A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: EZ 3v3
Members: 6
Locations: HR (4) DE (1) PL (1)
Registered: 22/1/18
Status: 4 players (67%) have been online in the last 3 weeks.
Team Members
KOSILICA PWRR (Joined 394 days ago) Captain
sonzex (Joined 295 days ago) Member
frN (Joined 35 days ago) Member
krris (Online today) Member
JANBLOMQVIST (Joined 169 days ago) Member
KommRunter (Joined 115 days ago) Member
phase vs EZ 3v3 January 16th
EZ 3v3 vs BANHAMMER 3v3 October 31st
immortals [3v3] vs EZ 3v3 October 29th
EZ 3v3 vs MAMBO5 [3v3] September 30th
immortals [3v3] vs EZ 3v3 September 9th