INTEL (5v5)

A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: INTEL (5v5)
Members: 7
Locations: HR (7)
Registered: 25/12/17
Founder: Bicaaa
Status: 4 players (57%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
Bicaaa (Joined 487 days ago) Captain
Phaan WolkeR (Joined 431 days ago) Member
richardson* (Joined 465 days ago) Member
53power (Joined 431 days ago) Member
sinke (Joined 411 days ago) Member
Peha (Joined 350 days ago) Member
wakize1 (Joined 270 days ago) Member
INTEL (5v5) vs Paradox May 12th 2018
specifications vs INTEL (5v5) April 8th 2018
GENTLEMAN'S CLUB vs INTEL (5v5) March 11th 2018
INTEL (5v5) vs myPleasure February 19th 2018
INTEL (5v5) vs gotpussy February 19th 2018