A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 3v3: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: justdoit
Members: 35
Subscribers: 1
Locations: HR (19) SI (4) HU (3) DE (2) BA (2) NL (1)
Registered: 17/12/17
Founder: Zyxel
Status: 25 players (71%) have been online in the last week.
Call of Duty 2
May 2018
Rank #31
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze Season 1
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Call of Duty 2
May 2018
Rank #36
EU COD2 3v3: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members (11 online today)
Zyxel (Online today) Captain
ENFYYYYYY (Online an hour ago) Captain
viper. (Joined 331 days ago) Member
LKZJEAH (Online yesterday) Member
V1P3RRR (Online today) Member
blax2423 (Online yesterday) Member
Monkkkkkkk (Online yesterday) Member
MosMar (Online yesterday) Member
sizi buffalo (Joined 94 days ago) Member
aleph (Joined 94 days ago) Member
masoo (Online yesterday) Member
tommyqm (Online yesterday) Member
goddzila (Online yesterday) Member
palinho (Online today) Member
Prolega (Online today) Member
copACABana (Online an hour ago) Member
wikiwaa (Online an hour ago) Member
luckzje (Online today) Member
ParDON (Online yesterday) Member
moxzor (Joined 32 days ago) Member
m4uz (Online yesterday) Member
danger_^ (Online yesterday) Member
sonzex (Online yesterday) Member
lesko (Online an hour ago) Member
VonSteel (Joined 23 days ago) Member
infyy (Online yesterday) Member
bmblbe (Online an hour ago) Member
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