A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: TrolLoL
Members: 13
Locations: SI (13)
Registered: 19/10/17
Founder: MontEEEz
Status: 9 players (69%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
MontEEEz (Joined 547 days ago) Captain
exoust (Joined 547 days ago) Captain
moxzor (Joined 519 days ago) Captain
globelized (Joined 379 days ago) Captain
BamaZor (Joined 350 days ago) Captain
Janzy4D (Online yesterday) Member
knixor (Joined 323 days ago) Member
domzojevic (Joined 544 days ago) Member
MonsterEnergy999 (Joined 535 days ago) Member
slovenc (Joined 488 days ago) Member
DJ-RazeR (Joined 477 days ago) Member
Lunqvist (Joined 407 days ago) Member
s4...=? (Joined 403 days ago) Member
BLACKLISTED vs TrolLoL November 1st
HUNMIX vs TrolLoL November 1st
TrolLoL vs n1hilium July 31st 2018
TrolLoL vs JRR July 31st 2018
TrolLoL vs $uicideboy$ 5 June 15th 2018