A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: WIZKIDS [5v5]
Members: 33
Locations: NL (8) HR (7) CZ (3) HU (3) BA (2) SI (2)
Registered: 29/9/17
Founder: Jenz
Status: 28 players (85%) have been online in the last 2 weeks.
Current Season
May 2018
Rank #51
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members (13 online today)
Jenz (Joined 513 days ago) Captain
dAYZ (Online yesterday) Captain
h3NKIE (Joined 195 days ago) Captain
vioqor (Joined 473 days ago) Member
antondord (Joined 255 days ago) Member
ljubosh- (Online today) Member
m4uz (Online today) Member
Prolega (Online an hour ago) Member
HUNTER1337 (Joined 77 days ago) Member
eisai (Online yesterday) Member
mihail (Joined 76 days ago) Member
kidze91(L1mewax) (Online today) Member
retroz- (Online today) Member
Grof (Online yesterday) Member
MosMar (Joined 67 days ago) Member
dodgedlol (Joined 66 days ago) Member
remes (Online Now!) Member
lutzoR (Online today) Member
intrax_ (Online today) Member
monthy (Joined 55 days ago) Member
Noddy Mars (Online today) Member
kokZ (Online today) Member
exelnl (Online yesterday) Member
FuShyyy (Online yesterday) Member
JOK3R_ (Online today) Member
CURWE (Online today) Member
BLUBL (Online today) Member
goddzila (Online yesterday) Member
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