A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: DiRECT
Members: 2
Locations: SE (1) HR (1)
Registered: 17/5/17
Founder: mozart
Status: 1 player (50%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
kakzSENPAI (Joined 488 days ago) Captain
CiiBaa (Joined 369 days ago) Member
KiNGz vs DiRECT December 24th 2017
smalltallblind vs DiRECT December 24th 2017
DiRECT vs fatBOIS November 26th 2017
DiRECT vs r3volution team 3x3 October 12th 2017
25ica vs DiRECT September 22nd 2017