Unsophisticated Hooligans

A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: Unsophisticated Hooligans
Members: 19
Subscribers: 1
Locations: GB (9) NL (6) GR (1) DK (1) BE (1) ES (1)
Registered: 14/5/17
Founder: REK2 / Ryan
Status: 12 players (63%) have been online in the last 2 weeks.
Current Season
May 2018
Rank #31
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze
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Team Members (2 online today)
Richard_ (Online yesterday) Captain
wAde (Joined 432 days ago) Captain
rapidzjeh / nath (Joined 432 days ago) Member
Nug (Joined 429 days ago) Member
Hatton (Joined 422 days ago) Captain
fURBYx (Joined 400 days ago) Captain
dem0nick (Joined 282 days ago) Captain
Dutchboy (Online yesterday) Captain
masonn (Joined 192 days ago) Member
jaroslav. (Joined 82 days ago) Member
Zyxel (Online today) Member
Blackchaos.' (Online an hour ago) Member
REK2 / Ryan (Joined 432 days ago) Captain
VonSteel (Joined 432 days ago) Member
Pugziii (Joined 431 days ago) Member
jordanfamalam (Joined 420 days ago) Captain
nighty09 (Joined 419 days ago) Member
jam3s (Joined 286 days ago) Member
FACLY :> (Joined 239 days ago) Member