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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: weloveanal#
Recruiting: Yes
Feb 18th 17
Matches Played: 2
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: weloveanal
Members: 6
Locations: PL (6)
Registered: 18/2/17
Founder: ivona.
Online Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
22nd Feb Lost to 8th loss 4 win 21
22nd Feb Accepted 8th's Challenge on mp_burgundy for 10:25pm Wednesday 22nd Feb
22nd Feb Lost to MAYDAY / 4vs4-5vs5 loss 1 win 13
22nd Feb Challenged MAYDAY / 4vs4-5vs5 to a match
22nd Feb Chefincod2 joined the team
18th Feb Yoosky joined the team
18th Feb Wadzajna joined the team
18th Feb panbizon joined the team
18th Feb Papik joined the team
About Us
No "About Us" available
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
PL Chefincod2
PL ivona.
PL panbizon
PL Papik
PL Wadzajna
PL Yoosky
PL bonzo
INELIGIBLE: Hasn't been accepted.
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
8th loss mp_burgundy View
MAYDAY / 4vs4-5vs5 loss 113 mp_burgundy View
Teams that these players are also competing in
weloveanal 3v3 - Founded February 18th 2017PC - Call of Duty 2 (3v3)5/5
MAJTAJ - Founded February 3rd 2017PC - Call of Duty 25/5
MAJTAJ (3vs3) - Founded February 6th 2017PC - Call of Duty 2 (3v3)3/3
CG Verified Team Status 7/9
Requirement Status
Game is 4v4 or higherYES
Team/Organisation has existed for 6+ monthsYES
Team has played 3 matches in the last 3 months (ensures recent activity)NO
Team has played 5 matches between 4 and 12 months ago (ensures multiple seasons)YES*
Mostly consistent player roster for 6 months (demonstrates stability)YES
Majority of players have been online in the last yearYES
Majority of players have verified CG accounts (Email/SteamID etc)YES
Players have no previous forum/site/match bansYES
Miscellaneous checksNO
[GOLD] Performance requirements metNO
* Completed via the check on the linked team.

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