A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: czechien
Members: 12
Locations: CZ (9) RU (1) SK (1) HR (1)
Registered: 8/1/17
Founder: hurvajz4
Status: 4 players (33%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
tiGless (Joined 588 days ago) Captain
Straty (Joined 555 days ago) Captain
hurvajz4 (Online yesterday) Captain
eOrk (Joined 378 days ago) Captain
Martinek_ (Online today) Member
Nunys (Joined 517 days ago) Member
freddddd (Joined 513 days ago) Member
deb1lek (Joined 473 days ago) Member
heretic[vojta] (Joined 432 days ago) Member
daviz12 (Joined 360 days ago) Member
FuShyyy (Joined 310 days ago) Member
jetPOWER (Joined 310 days ago) Member
Reanimation vs czechien January 7th 2018
BADNETWORKZ vs czechien December 23rd 2017
czechien vs SLOVAK TEAM December 23rd 2017
Pokémon vs czechien December 19th 2017
czechien vs KTK December 10th 2017