t1ssuezzz TLS FINAL

A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 3v3: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: t1ssuezzz TLS FINAL
Members: 17
Locations: CZ (17)
Registered: 26/11/16
Founder: Straty
Status: 14 players (82%) have been online in the last week.
Call of Duty 2
December 2018
Rank #32
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze Season 1
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Call of Duty 2
January 2019
Rank #35
EU COD2 3v3: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members (6 online today)
kokZ (Online today) Captain
dymatize (Online today) Captain
DudlajS (Joined 97 days ago) Captain
Dady1337 (Joined 28 hours ago) Captain
blastyy (Joined 28 hours ago) Captain
hurvajz4 (Joined 86 days ago) Member
rampZojd (Joined 75 days ago) Member
Adidas (Online an hour ago) Member
picusek (Joined 30 days ago) Member
AjxiK (Online yesterday) Member
dede. (Online today) Member
SENOR VAC (Joined 28 hours ago) Member
DWXak (Joined 28 hours ago) Member
bil. (Joined 27 hours ago) Member
STOYLOW (Joined 27 hours ago) Member
dyckytaj (Joined 44 days ago) Member
compactaj (Joined 44 days ago) Member