A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: pANWIZ
Members: 2
Locations: CY (1) GR (1)
Registered: 18/11/16
Founder: Dousky
Status: 2 players (100%) have been online in the last 2 months.
Team Members
Dousky (Joined 887 days ago) Captain
pANZIII (Joined 776 days ago) Member
shiva 22 vs pANWIZ November 6th 2017
pANWIZ vs cE energy November 2nd 2017
pANWIZ vs WE WILL PWN YOU September 20th 2017
pANWIZ vs Dyopsia May 3rd 2017
pANWIZ vs PATKICA_ May 3rd 2017