A Call of Duty 4 team.

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Team Overview
Name: PonyExpress
Members: 9
Locations: HU (8) BA (1)
Registered: 26/10/16
Founder: dReaam
Status: 3 players (33%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
dReaam (Joined 629 days ago) Captain
RAYERZ (Joined 629 days ago) Captain
Battle (Joined 628 days ago) Captain
medi20 (Joined 628 days ago) Member
strafx (Joined 628 days ago) Member
ShadeE (Joined 623 days ago) Member
HeLot (Joined 622 days ago) Member
chAsEz (Joined 621 days ago) Member
BiGDADEE (Joined 617 days ago) Member
gg no re vs PonyExpress November 12th 2016
DIGITALOOOOOO vs PonyExpress November 11th 2016
Nah Fuk Ya vs PonyExpress November 6th 2016
PonyExpress vs Syphon Gaming November 2nd 2016
EBASH BOLSHE 1337 vs PonyExpress November 2nd 2016