Strong-Enemy 5v5

A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: Strong-Enemy 5v5
Members: 23
Locations: CZ (9) NL (4) HU (4) AT (1) GR (1) FI (1)
Registered: 23/2/16
Founder: martaseq
Status: 14 players (61%) have been online in the last 2 months.
Team Members (7 online today)
martaseq (Online today) Captain
Fazi (Joined 1092 days ago) Captain
durexiiik (Joined 1087 days ago) Captain
cepe (Joined 1092 days ago) Captain
pANZIII (Joined 483 days ago) Captain
Skaffaboy (Joined 455 days ago) Captain
d1mz (trollhunter) (Online today) Member
pHAENOM (Online today) Member
^9nick (Online today) Member
STEELZZ (Online today) Member
yzRz (Online yesterday) Member
irreeL (Online today) Member
The Omniscient (Online yesterday) Member
anakzAKAR (Joined 445 days ago) Member
shinnnn (Online today) Member
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oglio (Joined 453 days ago) Member
synnNN (Joined 433 days ago) Member
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DOWNFALL vs Strong-Enemy 5v5 January 11th 2018
HUNMIX vs Strong-Enemy 5v5 December 14th 2017
SLOVAK TEAM vs Strong-Enemy 5v5 December 13th 2017
POWER RANGERS vs Strong-Enemy 5v5 December 13th 2017