Team Plastic Sollution _3ON3_'s Logo
Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: pS
Recruiting: Yes
Jan 7th 16
Matches Played: 26
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: Team Plastic Sollution _3ON3_
Members: 4
Locations: HU (4)
Registered: 7/1/16
Founder: lvjuu
Online Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
2nd Mar Lost to m_nus 3v3owski loss 19 win 21
2nd Mar Challenged m_nus 3v3owski to a match
2nd Mar Defeated LENCSHOWSUPAIN_3v3 win 21 loss 14
2nd Mar Accepted LENCSHOWSUPAIN_3v3's Challenge on mp_toujane for 3:27pm 2nd Mar
2nd Mar requiemm joined the team
23rd Feb Defeated EUPHORiA ORGANIZATION 3v3 win 21 loss 12
23rd Feb Accepted EUPHORiA ORGANIZATION 3v3's Challenge on mp_burgundy for 8:30pm 23rd Feb
23rd Feb Astrix95 joined the team
16th Feb _24 joined the team
About Us
No "About Us" available
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
HU albandy
Email not verified
HU Astrix95
HU requiemm
Email not verified
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
m_nus 3v3owski loss 1921 mp_toujane View
LENCSHOWSUPAIN_3v3 win mp_toujane View
EUPHORiA ORGANIZATION 3v3 win mp_burgundy View
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by CyberGamer Admin
mp_burgundy View
Stofftiere Online e.V.
Match was disputed
loss mp_toujane View
Match was disputed
loss mp_breakout View
Shaved Rabbits win mp_burgundy View
facepalm [3v3] loss mp_burgundy View
Dope1 [3v3] loss 01 mp_toujane View
Shaved Rabbits loss 1121 mp_dawnville View
*<|:-) Santa Clan 2020 mp_dawnville View
BRASIL win 10 mp_toujane View
Match was disputed
win 10 mp_toujane View
JAGERMEISTER win 214 mp_toujane View
Bullet Shell loss 1821 mp_toujane View
ISR_ win 10 mp_toujane View
wocapa hero 3v3 win 2119 mp_toujane View
TEAMMATE FRIENDS 3V3 loss mp_burgundy View
rATNIKI 2020 mp_dawnville View
Dat 2020 mp_burgundy View
iNDEST 2020 mp_dawnville View
INTEL win 2116 mp_dawnville View
brainless 3v3 (smasheR loves... win 2112 mp_dawnville View
Comrades 3v3 loss mp_burgundy View
pandora esports loss 1921 mp_dawnville View
brainless 3v3 win 2115 mp_dawnville View
xnxx win 217 mp_dawnville View
Team EBASH!!!
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by zonec
mp_burgundy View
Shaved Rabbits
Match was cancelled
mp_leningrad View
CRO | 3 vs 3
Match was cancelled
00 mp_toujane View
nRelic 3v3
Match was cancelled
00 mp_dawnville View
coolboys 3v3
Match was cancelled
00 mp_toujane View
Match was cancelled
00 mp_breakout View
Match was cancelled
00 mp_toujane View
teh fgts
Match was cancelled
00 mp_dawnville View
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