A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: loaded
Members: 22
Subscribers: 3
Locations: FI (3) GB (3) HR (3) DE (3) NL (3) FR (2)
Registered: 30/8/15
Founder: chaz`
Status: 18 players (82%) have been online in the last 48h.
Current Season
March 2019
Rank #24
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members (17 online today)
chaz` (Online an hour ago) Captain
So_LiT~ (Online an hour ago) Captain
antreyu~ (Online an hour ago) Captain
scrzzz (Joined 488 days ago) Member
Hatton (Online an hour ago) Member
ENFYYYYYY (Online today) Member
bmblbe (Online an hour ago) Member
wAde (Joined 27 days ago) Member
pawadox (Online an hour ago) Member
koen- (Online yesterday) Member
Dutchboy (Online today) Member
Noddy Mars (Online an hour ago) Member
wikiwaa (Online today) Member
SteroidoO (Online an hour ago) Member
midnajt (Online today) Member
markb^ (Online an hour ago) Member
zlatanNn (Joined 6 days ago) Member
Matjeq (Online today) Member
krayen` (Online today) Member
mozart (Joined 30 hours ago) Member
m4uz (Joined 29 hours ago) Member
stunna (Joined 463 days ago) Member
turbo x[Retired] vs loaded 2 days ago
loaded vs _#ehe 2 days ago
loaded vs HULT 2 days ago
wdNc vs loaded 4 days ago
loaded vs BALAVCiii 5 days ago