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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Recruiting: Yes
Jul 13th 15
Matches Played: 43
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: bckldtms 3v3
Members: 1
Locations: HR (1)
Registered: 13/7/15
Founder: Joe Rogan
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
19th Mar Lost to negative FAMILY loss 7 win 21
19th Mar Challenged negative FAMILY to a match
15th Mar Lost to [PRANKEd] loss 18 win 21
15th Mar Challenged [PRANKEd] to a match
12th Mar Defeated Unknown Team win 21 loss 13
12th Mar Challenged Unknown Team to a match
12th Mar Lost to pamide loss 6 win 21
12th Mar Accepted pamide's Challenge on mp_dawnville for 4pm 12th Mar
16th Dec Lost to Unknown Team loss 19 win 21
About Us
No "About Us" available
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
HR Joe Rogan
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
negative FAMILY loss 721 mp_dawnville View
[PRANKEd] loss 1821 mp_burgundy View
Opponent W/L Map More
g2top 3v3 win 2113 mp_toujane View
pamide loss mp_dawnville View
SMOGOVCI loss mp_burgundy View
MYVIZION 3v3 loss mp_dawnville View
Match was disputed
loss mp_toujane View
asdf win 2119 mp_burgundy View
t2k win mp_burgundy View
Flower *v* loss 1521 mp_burgundy View
FOKUME 3vs3 loss 713 mp_burgundy View
PLEBSZ win 2115 mp_burgundy View
ownerz [3v3] loss 921 mp_burgundy View
acrotes [3v3] mp_burgundy View
Match was disputed
win mp_toujane View
slons win mp_toujane View
Match was cancelled
mp_toujane View
Match was disputed
win mp_burgundy View
marx win mp_toujane View
Match was disputed
loss mp_burgundy View
instinct 3v3 win 2114 mp_burgundy View
iMEETiBEAT team win mp_toujane View
ShArKs win 2116 mp_burgundy View
Panther loss 421 mp_dawnville View
ja sam za ples loss 421 mp_burgundy View
Match was disputed
win mp_toujane View
TOTY win 2117 mp_dawnville View
weare - 3on3 win mp_harbor View
NoNamers loss 1821 mp_toujane View
ja sam za ples loss mp_leningrad View
TEAM-SCORPION! loss mp_toujane View
ASDasdsa win 2116 mp_burgundy View
haribo win mp_toujane View
MAAKAAKA 3on3 loss mp_toujane View
4fun loss mp_toujane View
pwR loss mp_toujane View
TEAM-PHASE 3on3 loss 421 mp_burgundy View
Veriton win mp_burgundy View
iRAGE gaming win 2115 mp_burgundy View
2007_3v3_ win mp_toujane View
na sveze mleko mirise dan loss 1321 mp_dawnville View
Mystic loss mp_toujane View
Match was disputed
win mp_toujane View
Team-Pathenigne win mp_burgundy View
Heineken 3v3
Match was cancelled
mp_toujane View
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by junker-
mp_toujane View
.tHE wHITE oWL 3v3
Match was cancelled
mp_dawnville View
coolboys 3v3
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by Fabed
mp_toujane View
Match was cancelled
00 mp_burgundy View
RUZ3 Gaming Ltd. [3v3]
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by iKER
mp_toujane View
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