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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: Jagermeister
Recruiting: Yes
Jun 19th 15
Matches Played: 12
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: Jagermeister
Members: 2
Locations: SI (2)
Registered: 19/6/15
Founder: oginson
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
22nd Jul Defeated Unknown Team win 21 loss 18
22nd Jul Accepted Unknown Team's Challenge on mp_toujane for 2:02am 22nd Jul
22nd Jul Lost to facepalm [2v2] loss 0 win 1
22nd Jul Accepted facepalm [2v2]'s Challenge on mp_burgundy for 1am 22nd Jul
20th Jul Defeated Unknown Team win 21 loss 12
20th Jul Challenged Unknown Team to a match
17th Jul Lost to PROFICiii 2v2 loss 12 win 21
17th Jul Accepted PROFICiii 2v2's Challenge on mp_burgundy for 2:28pm 17th Jul
17th Jul Tiskaaar joined the team
About Us
Jagermeister runs through our veins!
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
SI gedina
Email not verified
SI Tiskaaar
Email not verified
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
NOTSOSERIOUS (2v2) win mp_toujane View
facepalm [2v2]
Match was disputed
loss mp_burgundy View
NOTSOSERIOUS (2v2) win 2112 mp_burgundy View
PROFICiii 2v2 loss mp_burgundy View
kie loss mp_toujane View
Sensitivity ' cLaan loss 1121 mp_decoy View
Dream french_2v2 win 2118 mp_decoy View
Wow ist loss mp_burgundy View
SAITEC ESPORTS: 2v2 loss mp_toujane View
n!rookie #6Promille 2v2 loss mp_toujane View
BOT win 2114 mp_toujane View
Match was cancelled
mp_toujane View
Sensitivity ' cLaan
Match was cancelled
00 mp_decoy View
Sensitivity ' cLaan
Match was cancelled
00 mp_decoy View
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