Tr1bute 2v2

A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: Tr1bute 2v2
Members: 4
Locations: SI (4)
Registered: 30/5/15
Founder: fleshyy
Status: 3 players (75%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
fleshyy (Joined 1395 days ago) Captain
staRty (Joined 1300 days ago) Lieutenant
Alen8D. (Joined 523 days ago) Lieutenant
Razer1337 (Joined 113 days ago) Member
Tr1bute 2v2 vs pbd Team January 13th
2v2 vs Tr1bute 2v2 January 12th
teampje vs Tr1bute 2v2 December 9th
crycore anyádhalott vs Tr1bute 2v2 March 8th 2018
Tr1bute 2v2 vs /__ December 22nd 2017