Team Overview
Name: ugnc
Members: 8
Locations: CZ (6) RO (1) SK (1)
Registered: 1/4/15
Founder: askeslav
Status: 3 players (38%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Current Season
January 2019
Rank #71
EU COD2 Main Ladder: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members
askeslav (Joined 1390 days ago) Captain
TomZ (Joined 1389 days ago) Member
shadowgeorge (Joined 14 days ago) Member
azjol (Joined 1389 days ago) Member
stefko (Joined 1383 days ago) Member
lampy.oo (Joined 1381 days ago) Member
marty_vole (Joined 1373 days ago) Member
alpacakkk (Joined 955 days ago) Member
$uicideboy$ vs ugnc January 6th
team unlogic [4v4/5v5] vs ugnc June 17th 2016
Braindall vs ugnc June 10th 2016
BLOODTHIRSTERS vs ugnc June 10th 2016
ugnc vs never give up May 20th 2015