A Call of Duty 2 team competing in EU COD2 2v2: Bronze.

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Team Overview
Name: ignition5
Members: 4
Locations: RO (3) RS (1)
Registered: 31/3/15
Founder: shadowgeorge
Status: 1 player (25%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Current Season
January 2019
Rank #36
EU COD2 2v2: Bronze Season 1
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Team Members
shadowgeorge (Joined 1388 days ago) Captain
beyonddeath (Joined 1388 days ago) Member
therealme12 (Joined 1388 days ago) Member
Prolowieee (Joined 1388 days ago) Member
iNSTINKT vs ignition5 May 14th 2015
Killing Eagle (5v5) vs ignition5 April 1st 2015
CzechClan 5/5 vs ignition5 March 31st 2015