A Call of Duty 2 team.

Team Overview
Name: G L A W K S
Members: 18
Locations: DE (14) NL (1) TN (1) SI (1) AT (1)
Registered: 11/3/15
Founder: dOOWAYST
Status: 12 players (67%) have been online in the last 3 weeks.
Team Members (7 online today)
dOOWAYST (Online today) Captain
siiirup (Joined 451 days ago) Captain
wascht (Joined 433 days ago) Captain
ghost89 (Online yesterday) Captain
Eulb (Joined 409 days ago) Member
sasuke kun (Joined 350 days ago) Member
Nedlog (Online today) Member
Bl4diii (Online today) Member
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GENTLEMEN'S vs G L A W K S February 5th 2018
Have A Nice Day:) vs G L A W K S February 1st 2018
G L A W K S vs GENTLEMAN'S'''CLUB January 31st 2018
G L A W K S vs BADNETWORKZ January 31st 2018
G L A W K S vs BUTTONFL1ES January 31st 2018