A Call of Duty 2 team.

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Team Overview
Members: 7
Subscribers: 1
Locations: NL (7)
Registered: 28/11/14
Founder: catsk
Status: 2 players (29%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
Dutchboy (Joined 1316 days ago) Member
catsk (Joined 1333 days ago) Captain
lohkta (Joined 1317 days ago) Member
luck7 (Joined 1331 days ago) Member
rakzz (Joined 1332 days ago) Member
peuki'' (Joined 1317 days ago) Member
fremzye93 (Joined 1331 days ago) Member
'z bregov vs CUMSHOTZ- February 15th 2015
SUPERKIDS vs CUMSHOTZ- January 18th 2015
CUMSHOTZ- vs POWERup January 11th 2015
gonewild vs CUMSHOTZ- January 4th 2015
TeamFamous vs CUMSHOTZ- December 21st 2014