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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: 666
Recruiting: Yes
Jul 30th 14
Matches Played: 33
Jose Mourinho
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: Aliens 666
Members: 2
Locations: HR (2)
Registered: 30/7/14
Founder: MateyKO
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
14th Dec Defeated Unknown Team win 21 loss 11
14th Dec Accepted Unknown Team's Challenge on mp_backlot for 8:56pm 14th Dec
13th Dec Lost to Unknown Team loss 10 win 21
13th Dec Challenged Unknown Team to a match
30th Nov Defeated ŠibenikGamming win 34 loss 6
30th Nov Challenged ŠibenikGamming to a match
29th Nov Lost to You are a fool to challen... loss 15 win 21
29th Nov Accepted You are a fool to challen...'s Challenge on mp_crossfire for 6pm 29th Nov
10th Nov Lost to PadelzZ loss 17 win 21
About Us
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
HR Emilius22
Email not verified
HR MateyKO
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
was never good win mp_backlot View
[we'food] loss 1021 mp_backlot View
ŠibenikGamming win 346 mp_backlot View
You are a fool to challenge us loss mp_crossfire View
PadelzZ loss mp_backlot View
BOLOCITY loss 1021 mp_backlot View
Demo UP! 2v2 (Burt & Henk) win 219 mp_crossfire View
Demo UP! 2v2 (Burt & Henk) loss 1921 mp_citystreets View
VYD win mp_crash View
point win mp_backlot View
VYD win mp_backlot View
BOLOCITY loss mp_strike View
iNternative eSports 2v2 win mp_crossfire View
Brutal-Gaming | 2v2 | 2 loss 925 mp_citystreets View
Deleted:D win mp_backlot View
You are a fool to challenge us loss mp_crossfire View
STANLEY team win 2110 mp_citystreets View
Winners 2v2
Match was cancelled
mp_crossfire View
#dieUngewaschenen loss mp_crossfire View
Emporium 2v2 win mp_backlot View
Match was disputed
win mp_crash View
IN2REALITY win mp_crash View
HUNGRY VETERANS #2 win mp_strike View
EMDIKEY loss mp_crash View
ceelajoogjoogta loss mp_crossfire View
Very Idiot Players 2v2 loss mp_crossfire View
Pizzahut win mp_backlot View
Division8 win 217 mp_citystreets View
123 win mp_crossfire View
Match was cancelled
mp_crossfire View
Match was disputed
win mp_backlot View
Match was disputed
win 10 mp_cluster View
Mad Desire Pukan mp_crash View
prascici win mp_crash View
- Killswitch Engage - win 6660 mp_backlot View
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