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Team Overview
Name: rektem
Members: 5
Locations: US (3) NL (1) CA (1)
Registered: 26/2/14
Founder: ohurcool
Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
ohurcool (Joined 1580 days ago) Captain
peaches (Joined 1580 days ago) Member
Revipod (Joined 1212 days ago) Member
embarrassed (Joined 593 days ago) Member
kARMAZINHO (Joined 574 days ago) Member
3 Amigos vs rektem February 5th 2017
rektem vs mAlibu January 22nd 2017
rektem vs 3 Amigos January 15th 2017
rektem vs mAlibu December 18th 2016
rektem vs trec Team December 11th 2016