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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: dpX.
Recruiting: Yes
Nov 25th 12
Matches Played: 12
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: cohesion
Members: 5
Locations: DE (4) AT (1)
Registered: 25/11/12
Founder: sWt
Online Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
19th Jan dANNNNN joined the team
6th Jan Defeated FaithLess Gamers win 1 loss 0
6th Jan Defeated YMBrO win 1 loss 0
6th Jan Challenged FaithLess Gamers to a match
6th Jan Challenged YMBrO to a match
6th Jan Bastyyy joined the team
6th Jan EnCore93 joined the team
6th Jan xCeption92 joined the team
11th Sep Lost to IcH Clan Austria e.V. loss 17 win 25
About Us
Lineup: "Basty" "dumdi" "Desty" / "pHetaL" "encore" / "dANNNNN"



116# Cybergamer TteSports Amateur Season 5
2# ESL 3on3 Spontanizzle Cup #42
3# Excello 5on5 Cup
8# ESL 2on2 Spontanizzle Cup #41
2# ESL 2on2 spontanizzle Cup #39
12# ESL 5on5 Nightcup
6# ESL 3on3 Spontanizzle Cup #38
2# ESL 3on3 Nightcup
2# ESL 5on5 Spontanizzle Cup #36
8# ESL 5on5 EU Wintercup 2013
3# ESL 3on3 Spontanizzle Cup #34
5# ESL 3on3 Wednesday Cup
4# ESL 2on2 spontanizzle Cup #32
2# ESL 2on2 spontanizzle Cup #32
4# ESL 3on3 spontanizzle Cup #31
2# Excello 3on3_FunCup
6# Excello CUP
417# Cybergamer TteSports Amateur Season #4
14# ESL 5on5 A-Series #1
5# ESL 5on5 Nightcup #24
4# Excello 5on5 Cup
7# Excello 3on3 Cup
3# ESL 3on3 X-mas Cup
2# ESL 3on3 Adventscup #2
3# ESL 2on2 Quickcup #2
7# ESL 5on5 Nightcup #21
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
DE Bastyyy
Inactive account
Inactive account
DE Desty
DE EnCore93
Inactive account
DE xCeption92
Inactive account
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
FaithLess Gamers win 10 mp_crossfire View
YMBrO win 10 mp_crossfire View
IcH Clan Austria e.V.
Match was disputed
loss 1725 mp_crossfire View
TRAPPY TRAP win 2518 mp_crossfire View
Pjur Plejas Team loss 1525 mp_crossfire View
sasasas win mp_citystreets View
Definition of High win 2520 mp_crossfire View
HILLSIDE GAMING win 2518 mp_crossfire View
WarriorNation Network
Match was disputed
win mp_backlot View
[K]arma Clan COD4 win mp_strike View
Benders Assemble
Benders Assemble
dropped from the ladder
win 10 mp_crossfire View
modulus5 cgo
Match was cancelled
00 mp_crossfire View
OxiDian Gaming Club
Match was cancelled
mp_crash View
Made in CHiNA mix loss mp_strike View
iQue-Gaming Organization
Match was cancelled
mp_crossfire View
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