Additional Information
Platform: PC
Competing in:
CoD4 2v2 Ladder: 3rd
Recruiting: Yes
Sep 16th 12
Matches Played: 31
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
1 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Members: 2
Locations: RU (1) UA (1)
Registered: 16/9/12
Founder: MitiS
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
30th Aug Defeated Hotshotz win 21 loss 8
30th Aug Challenged Hotshotz to a match
28th Jul legko joined the team
10th Feb Defeated LiplenskiDuo win 21 loss 16
10th Feb Accepted LiplenskiDuo's Challenge on mp_crossfire for 3:15pm 10th Feb
21st Dec Defeated oops i have a pain win 21 loss 6
21st Dec Accepted oops i have a pain's Challenge on mp_backlot for 1:30pm 21st Dec
21st Dec MitiS joined the team
15th Nov Defeated Unknown Team win 21 loss 19
About Us
No "About Us" available
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
RU legko (4d232fbe)
UA MitiS (acf3298d)
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
Hotshotz win 218 mp_backlot View
LiplenskiDuo win mp_crossfire View
oops i have a pain win mp_backlot View
GeRoi & zLoDei win mp_vacant View
GeRoi & zLoDei win mp_crash View
numero1 win 218 mp_backlot View
Winners 2v2 loss 1921 mp_backlot View
bestcombo win 2110 mp_backlot View
Praetorians Cod4 2v2
Match was disputed
mp_crossfire View
EThAn & Hyperion #1 loss 1121 mp_crossfire View
Match was disputed
win 219 mp_crossfire View
TEAM SHARK! 2v2 J-R win 2114 mp_crossfire View
Nonsense Esports win 2110 mp_backlot View
BOLOCITY win 2114 mp_crossfire View
You are a fool to challenge us win mp_crossfire View
BUCKLE UP! win 2110 mp_crossfire View
ALLUVIONATI loss 1721 mp_crossfire View
Ninjas in Pyjamas win 2116 mp_crossfire View
Match was disputed
win 10 mp_crossfire View
Camel win 2115 mp_crossfire View
MysticKills win 2111 mp_backlot View
TURTLE #2 win 2112 mp_backlot View
Core Boyss win 215 mp_crossfire View
Kolorowe Kredki
Match was cancelled
00 mp_backlot View
Spanish House Mafia win 218 mp_backlot View
0killz win 2117 mp_crash View
iMRAE sceause & Happy win 2119 mp_backlot View
greenlaners 2424 mp_backlot View
VACHET win 2114 mp_backlot View
boONZAi <3 cod2 win 2114 mp_backlot View
Beyond The Horizon win 2114 mp_backlot View
LICK MY ASS win 2114 mp_crash View
nameless sQuad: 2v2 #1
Match was cancelled
00 mp_backlot View
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Match was cancelled
Match was declined/cancelled by perz1k
00 mp_crossfire View
Match was cancelled
mp_crash View
Match was cancelled
00 mp_backlot View
Beyond The Horizon
Match was cancelled
00 mp_backlot View
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