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I am the portuguese MVP of CoD2

- golden backup/ (everyone wants me but dont really wants me)

- very consistent player (balanced)

- complete player (any weapon)

- info man (accurate calls)

- cover/help man (just scream - I always try to get to you as fast as possible)

- bomb man (always try plant/defuse)

- dont expect me to drop 30 frags in every map (im not fraghunter)

- tactician (tactics maker ; reading enemy)

- rusher/slow pace (depending of my ping, enemy's ping and enemy's weapons)

- easy adaptation to the team that compass displays (reading where team mates are looking at and cover them)

- clutcher (shhh pls I got this)

- stops giving a fuck when loosing too much 3v1/4v1/4v2/5v1/5v2 situations (gg)

- stops giving a fuck when 1 player alone is carrying enemy and/or when the team Im playing for are doing too many noob stuff (low peeks, no help, doesnt listen calls, etc (why would I give a fuck if they dont?)

- need some kind of objective like: playing for a potencial spot in a team, playing vs stronger enemy, needing rounds for close win, leveling up rank, etc (cause playing just "because yes" isnt motivation enough for me already)

- 64-97 ping (depending of server's host)

- sometimes playing high (haxixe; weed)

- worst maps: matmata, stalingrad, brecourt, breakout, caen

- best maps: all the others

Curiosity: Left CoD2 for CS:GO (30-40fps ingame atm MGE)

You're probably thinking that I'm exaggerating but this is my gamestyle, you'll rarelly see me playing top ranks cause I play with portugueses friends most of the time and it's just trashtalking on ts3 and rush with no brain but hey... at least I'm playing lOl.

Feel free to add me as a CG friend for stand-in's or maybe for team(?),
Peace out!

It's hard to be humble when you're the best (c) Conor McGregor

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