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1th place // One Night Cup #1 Season 1 (felix,dom,danne,koen,cake)
3rd place // TomorrowLAN Zagreb (felix,dom,danne,koen,cake)
2nd place // Cod2 OpenLeague (felix,dom,danne,koen,cake)
1th place // Bratislava Entry Cup Cod2 (felix,dom,danne,koen,cake)
4th place // Summerleague 2016 Cybergamers(felix,dom,raf,snkr,cake,koen)
2nd place // The Joonas Selin Memorialcup (felix,dom,iconz,hatton,cake)
2nd place // Night Cup #3 Season 3 (danne,dolby,cake,snkr,chuckie)
5th place // The Skill Awakens (felix,dom,iconz,hatton,cake)

Gonewild'sTeammovie made by domi

Fragmovie about me

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