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Name: Giannhs Nikolaou
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location: Greece, Kastoria
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currently playing csgo competitively and never looking back at cod until it gets on its old level.
John 'fusi0nN' Nikolaou

Current Playing For: Looking for team

ex teams
2k12/2k13 MadGods - fuzii,ser,jimmyz,pascha,pan,jamahl
2k12 Syphon - fuzii, devR, dreamer, phantomas,pantrif,versuz
2k12 Hysteria Esports: fuzii,smigo,delkaz,dreamer,anezt,raslzr
2k12 Interactive HD Gaming(IHD): fuzii,rizje,korze,rasl,zynga,pain
2k11 Divinitus fuzii,hacker,spiker,(dont remember others)
2k11 Its just a game(IJAG):
Sympathy: fuzii, pain, siner, eskimo prozye
2k11 complexity: fuzii,stam, thanox, illu , blood
2k11 Team-Visualize.GR: fuzii, rasl, rizje, korze,pain,zynga,zg1n
2k10 NCE.GR: fuzii,devR,rasl,siner,jimmy,rizje,zg1n,zynga
2k10 myRevenge.GR(lot of changes): fuzii, devr, jimmy, siner,h4kan,shadOw,0naab,tomtom(for a while),kayote,panicbutton
2k10 Sudoxe:fuzii,devr,panicbutton,(dont remember the others xD)
2k9 Newage: fuzii, devR, ibrahimovic,redbaron,smigo,pandemic,kayote
2k9 GSI: Hitmanchris,sifter,fuzii
2k9 Grasf : Goku,Hypzion,gas,lindE,fuzii

Random screenshot: http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/104461667-3.jpg

Some random song i liked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtPw_z8cj-Y

Favorite fragmovie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy4lMfxQzS4

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