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Name: Sergej
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location: Russian Federation, Moscow
Registered: March 10th 2012
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? - CoD2 Movie [1st part]

? - CoD2 Movie [2nd part]

? - Net_Hero [ csgo / cod2 / bt1944 ]

2nd place on CyberGamer Cup #4
3rd place on BROTHERS LAN Cup
1st place on Russian 1v1 SD Cup

CoD2 cfg -

favorite map: mp_matmata, mp_burgundy
favorite weapon: scope (on team work), kar98k,m1,mp44 (other wars)


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WILDLANDS 4v45v5 vs CryCore 50 days ago
WILDLANDS 4v45v5 vs phase 4 days ago
IDDQD vs u mirin brah 14 days ago
theS!lence vs Owners 3v3 24 hours ago
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