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Name: Marek Šloser
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Location: Czech Republic, ?esk√° Republika
Registered: October 17th 2011
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7 years, 126 days
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LANs Attended:
A lot of PG Cyber Cafe CoD2 MZH
AMD - United Games CoD2 #1
Team Pulsed CoD4 LAN #1
A lot of Grunex

Noticeable Teams:
Team eXperience (NouF, PrOovy, Kubix, Bobo, facka)
Team eXperience (NouF, Niska, Speirs (zimbo), BC, xtreme)
Beasts (NouF, Niska, speirs(zimbo), Shadye, klr)
SENSITIVE (NouF, gio, Jacket,dark_ring, black)
arrows (NouF, gio, Jacket, dark_ring, potkan)

OpenCup Spring 2009: 2nd (deathLine)
Grunex LAN : 4th (eXperience)
Intel Grunex CoD 4 LAN #12: 2nd (arrows)
CGa Season 2: 47th (arrows)
Intel Grunex CoD 4 LAN #20: 2nd (SlovakTeam)

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Top 5 Bronze Team
Season finalist
1,000 forum posts
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Call of Duty 4: 681a35e9
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COD2 GUID: 93ffbe32 (manual)
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