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Name: Filip Bobnjaric
Age/Gender: 24, Male
Location: Croatia, Zagreb
Registered: 6/10/11
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 20/11/17
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7:40pm 5/9/17 Joined funnyguyslolxdteamcod4, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Member.
6:48pm 29/8/17 Joined Victory wings, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Member.
9:55pm 5/4/17 Joined ex-junkyz Team | CG mix, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Member.
8:12pm 28/2/17 Joined MixMixMixMix, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Member.
8:12pm 14/2/17 Joined Warpomega, a PC: CyberGamer Pay2Play League Call of Duty 4 Season 6 team, rank of Captain.
10:07pm 25/9/16 Joined team BLITz cgo, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Captain.
9:01pm 31/1/16 Joined WARPOMEGA, a PC: WARPOMEGA CUP team, rank of Captain.
6:42pm 16/11/14 Joined Team Croatia | Nations Cup, a PC: Call of Duty 4 Nations Cup team, rank of Member.
11:20am 15/10/13 Joined prone2win, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (2v2) team, rank of Captain.
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Username: Ptica
Posts: 80
Threads: 2
Posts/Day: 0.04
Last Post: 29/8/17
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Fun Facts
High School: Elektrotehnicka skola Zagreb
University: Tehnicko Veleuciliste u Zagrebu
Degree(s) / Qualification(s): VKS
Occupation: Student
Workplace: Drzavna Firma
Hobbies: Nema toga
Fav Food: Cevapi
Fav Drink: Jaminca Sensation
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: Tequila
Fav Actor: Jason Statham
Fav Band / Group: Kool and the gang
Fav TV Show: Two and half men
Facebook: imam al nedam
Website URL: nemam
Own3D TV URL: nemam
Twitch TV URL: nemam

Currently playing for Warpomega


Lans attended:

1. Gamersject Winter Challenge
2.GetUsed LAN
3.GerUsed LAN #2
4.NonProfitLan 2011
5.Sabirnica LAN
6.Gamersject HGL Premier [1st]
7.Gamersject Bunny Challenge
8.Dynamic media #1
9.Dynamic media #2
10.Dynamic media Summer battle
11.eSportsOnline LAN
12.Dynamic media Snow Challenge
13.Dynamic media March Challenge [3rd]
14.Esports Online LAN #2
15.Dynamic & Universe: Go Hard Challenge
16.Dynamic GO Fast LAN [1st]
17.Gamersject mini 3v3 [1st]
18.RIP#4 Bosina [1st]
19.GamerzOnly-WarpOmega [5th]
20.GamerzOnly-WarpOmega#2 [3rd]
21.Reboot Infogamer [2nd]
22.Gamersject mini#2 3v3 [1st]
23.WarpOmega STAGE#1[3rd]

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Date Achievement
12/2/17 Received a trophy.
12/2/17 Restraining Order
12/2/17 Upgraded to a CyberGamer Premium Account!
11/2/17 Win 50 PUGs.
22/1/17 Win 10 PUGs.
16/1/17 Win 5 PUGs.
2/1/17 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
20/11/16 Played in 1000 CG matches.
14/8/16 Added 100 buddies!
18/4/16 Friends with 100 other members.
1/4/16 Totally Addicted
9/1/16 Profile viewed by 1000 different users
12/10/15 Played in 500 CG matches.
2/1/15 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
9/9/14 Exalted User
8/9/14 Played in 250 CG matches.
16/7/14 250 matches won
28/3/14 Played in 100 CG matches.
16/2/14 Played in 50 CG matches.
12/2/14 Played in 25 CG matches.
2/2/14 Played in 10 CG matches.
25/1/14 Competed in an invite standard competition
25/1/14 Competed in CGi
12/11/13 Addicted
31/10/13 First placed CGo Team!
1/10/13 Top 5 CGo Team
11/5/13 Completed Profile!
28/2/13 Profile viewed 1,000 times
5/2/13 Lurker Extraordinaire
15/11/12 Mobile Viewer!
28/10/12 I don't like change
20/9/12 Viewed 100 Profiles
15/9/12 Profile viewed by 100 different users
17/8/12 Top 10 CGo Team!
12/7/12 Regular User
21/2/12 20 matches won
5/1/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 7
4/1/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 5
3/1/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
12/12/11 In an active team
4/12/11 5 matches won
31/1/14 100 matches won
31/1/14 50 matches won
Experience History
Date Event XP
19/9/17Played Match - 5KROLS vs funnyguyslolxdteamcod420
13/9/17Played Match - seremoRedovno vs Victory wings20
10/9/17Played Match - seremoRedovno vs Victory wings20
9/9/17Played Match - seremoRedovno vs Victory wings20
6/9/17Played Match - Syphon Gaming vs funnyguyslolxdteamcod420
5/9/17Played Match - funnyguyslolxdteamcod4 vs Sheeps20
5/9/17Played Match - seremoRedovno vs Victory wings20
4/9/17Played Match - Victory wings vs ROAD 2 CHÔMAGE40
3/9/17Played Match - balkanIgracine vs 3A KO3Y40
3/9/17Played Match - seremoRedovno vs Victory wings40
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Game Overview
Default Game: Call of Duty 4
Default Platform: PC
CyberGamer Premium monthly final entry tickets: 0
EU PC Teams
pc cod42v2 CoD4 (2v2) prone2win Captain
pc cod4turbo CoD4 (Mix) team BLITz cgo Captain
pc cod4inv CoD4 P2P Warpomega Captain
pc cod4turbo CoD4 (Mix) MixMixMixMix Member
pc cod4turbo CoD4 (Mix) ex-junkyz Team | CG mix Member
pc cod4turbo CoD4 (Mix) Victory wings Member
pc cod4turbo CoD4 (Mix) funnyguyslolxdteamcod4 Member
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Tournament Teams
7:00pm 30/4/17
P2P Season 5 Qualifier
12:15pm 24/4/17
P2P Season 4 Playoffs
7:03pm 2/4/17
OOF5 Preparation Cup Sunday
team BLITz
6:03pm 11/2/17
P2P Season 4 Qualifier
Team Croatia
5:00pm 6/11/16
CoD4 Nations Cup 2016
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Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
9:15pm 2/4/17
OOF5 Shit is broken cup
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
7:03pm 2/4/17
OOF5 Preparation Cup Sunday
6:03pm 11/2/17
P2P Season 4 Qualifier
5:56pm 13/3/16
Call of Duty 2 S&D Nightcup March 2016
warp omega
7:30pm 4/11/15
EU COD4 2v2 Wednesday Tournament
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
Recent PUGs
mp_backlot - Saturday 12:23pm April 29th 2017
mp_citystreets - Saturday 1:47am March 11th 2017
mp_backlot - Saturday 1:19am March 11th 2017
mp_crossfire - Wednesday 12:57am March 8th 2017
mp_backlot - Wednesday 12:26am March 8th 2017
mp_crash - Sunday 6:32pm March 5th 2017
mp_crossfire - Sunday 12:43am March 5th 2017
mp_backlot - Sunday 12:04am March 5th 2017
mp_citystreets - Saturday 11:27pm March 4th 2017
mp_strike - Tuesday 7:26pm February 14th 2017
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Game IDs
Call of Duty 4 GUID: 2abe447e
(manually entered):
Battle Net ID: bobokralj#2287
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PUG Info
Total PUGs: 61
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PC Rig Information
CPU: [AMD] FX 6100 Black Edition 6 Core 3.30 GHz
GPU: [ATi] R9 270
Sound Card: Creative Blaster 5.1 VX
RAM: 8GBMB Kingston
Monitor: AOC FreeSync G2460V [LCD]
Motherboard: Gigabyte
Power Supply: Cooler Master 500 W
Case: Deluxe MG760
Hard Disk Drive(s): Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB
Keyboard: MS Thunder Mechanical keyboard
Head Phones: Steelseries Siberia 200
Speakers: Labtec Subwoofer
Mouse: [Razer] DeathAdder Chroma
DPI: 1500
Mousepad: SteelSeries qck+
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 6
In Game Sensitivity: 0.40
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080
In Game Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Laptop: Lenovo
Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Camera: Mobile camera
Vehicle: Honda Civic 1,4 1997
Stereo: nope
Stereo #2: nope
TV: Samsung
Mp3 Player: LG
Mp3 Player #2: nope
PDA: nope
DVD Player: nope
My PC :D:
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