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Name: Filip Bobnjaric
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Currently playing for Warpomega


Lans attended:

1. Gamersject Winter Challenge
2.GetUsed LAN
3.GerUsed LAN #2
4.NonProfitLan 2011
5.Sabirnica LAN
6.Gamersject HGL Premier [1st]
7.Gamersject Bunny Challenge
8.Dynamic media #1
9.Dynamic media #2
10.Dynamic media Summer battle
11.eSportsOnline LAN
12.Dynamic media Snow Challenge
13.Dynamic media March Challenge [3rd]
14.Esports Online LAN #2
15.Dynamic & Universe: Go Hard Challenge
16.Dynamic GO Fast LAN [1st]
17.Gamersject mini 3v3 [1st]
18.RIP#4 Bosina [1st]
19.GamerzOnly-WarpOmega [5th]
20.GamerzOnly-WarpOmega#2 [3rd]
21.Reboot Infogamer [2nd]
22.Gamersject mini#2 3v3 [1st]
23.WarpOmega STAGE#1[3rd]
24.WarpOmega 3v3#1 [1st]

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