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Brutal-Gaming: Sukramze,Roxa$,Keso,Lukayy,MARC :]
Brutal-Gaming: Pim, Roxa$, Bouncy, Lukayy, MARC :] (Brussels Team)
Brutal-Gaming: Pim, tuben, Tigz, MARCELLL, MARC :] (LAN)
Brutal-Gaming: Sukramze, Roxa$, Remix, Lukayy, MARC :]
HotShotz; Pim, Roxas, Ploxxioo, MARCELLL, MARC :] (LAN)
Risk it for Biscuit: Qwrx, ....., ...., VATO, MARC :]
5KINGZ: BounstaRR, Dylan, AZUMZRRR, Lucky, MARC :] (LAN)
DoubleDutchDragons: Pim, Tuben, Sammm, MARCELL, MARC :]
HotShotz: Pim, Roxas, Rekill, Sammm, MARC :]
Banhammer: DICKYD, RAINN, Rick, ....., MARC :]
AETAS: Mayhem, JOEYEz, DICKYD, Pascie, MARC :]
DoubleDutch: Jacobuz, JOEYEz, Swimpig, DICKYD, MARC :]

Brussels LAN II (Attending)
The Party 13
The Reality XV
The Party 12
Frag-o-Matic 16.0
The Reality XIV
The Party 11
Identity Lan
The Reality XIII
The Party 10
T.I.M.E.S lan

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