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Name: Marc
Age/Gender: 27, Male
Location: Netherlands, Rotterdam
Registered: 19/8/11
Rank: EU PC Call of Duty 4 Admin
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 3 hours, 28 min ago
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9:21pm 16/3/18 Joined PANTHERS | 2v2, a PC: Battalion 1944 (2v2) team, rank of Captain.
7:28pm 6/3/18 Joined PANTHERS | 3v3, a PC: Battalion 1944 (3v3) team, rank of Member.
9:07pm 2/2/18 Joined PANTHERS, a PC: Battalion 1944 team, rank of Captain.
7:16pm 25/4/17 Joined pulseCore Gaming, a PC: CyberGamer Pay2Play League Call of Duty 4 Season 6 team, rank of Captain.
7:14pm 23/4/17 Joined pulseCore CGO, a PC: Call of Duty 4 team, rank of Member.
2:50pm 18/4/17 Joined BRUTAL, a PC: Call of Duty 4 team, rank of Member.
8:09pm 31/3/17 Joined Symphonia, a PC: Call of Duty 4 team, rank of Captain.
7:13pm 30/1/17 Joined Team Wisers 3, a PC: Call of Duty 4 team, rank of Member.
3:29pm 31/10/16 MARC manually changed users STEAM ID to STEAM_0:0:149264710
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Username: MARC
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Fun Facts
High School: Scheepvaart en Transport College
University: NHTV Breda
Hobbies: Football
Fav Food: Pizza, Fries, Kibbeling :-)
Fav Drink: Redbull :)
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: Beer
Fav Actor: Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Yvonne Strahovski, Gerard Butler
Fav TV Show: Chuck, Walking dead, Band of Brothers
Website URL: www.brutal-gaming,eu
Twitch TV URL:

Current team:


Call of Duty 4 - Teams:

Brutal-Gaming: Sukramze,Roxa$,Keso,Lukayy,MARC :]
Brutal-Gaming: Pim, Roxa$, Bouncy, Lukayy, MARC :] (Brussels Team)
Brutal-Gaming: Pim, tuben, Tigz, MARCELLL, MARC :] (LAN)
Brutal-Gaming: Sukramze, Roxa$, Remix, Lukayy, MARC :]
HotShotz; Pim, Roxas, Ploxxioo, MARCELLL, MARC :] (LAN)
Risk it for Biscuit: Qwrx, ....., ...., VATO, MARC :]
5KINGZ: BounstaRR, Dylan, AZUMZRRR, Lucky, MARC :] (LAN)
DoubleDutchDragons: Pim, Tuben, Sammm, MARCELL, MARC :]
HotShotz: Pim, Roxas, Rekill, Sammm, MARC :]
Banhammer: DICKYD, RAINN, Rick, ....., MARC :]
AETAS: Mayhem, JOEYEz, DICKYD, Pascie, MARC :]
DoubleDutch: Jacobuz, JOEYEz, Swimpig, DICKYD, MARC :]

Brussels LAN II (Attending)
The Party 13
The Reality XV
The Party 12
Frag-o-Matic 16.0
The Reality XIV
The Party 11
Identity Lan
The Reality XIII
The Party 10
T.I.M.E.S lan

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27/8/17 Has purchased 36 months of CyberGamer Premium!
15/2/17 Win 25 PUGs.
13/2/17 Win 50 PUGs.
16/1/17 Win 10 PUGs.
12/1/17 Win 5 PUGs.
12/10/16 1,000 forum posts!
10/6/16 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
16/5/16 Played in 1000 CG matches.
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9/4/14 Added 100 buddies!
21/3/14 Played in 100 CG matches.
13/3/14 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
9/3/14 Exalted User
28/2/14 Played in 50 CG matches.
15/2/14 Played in 25 CG matches.
12/2/14 First placed CGo Team!
10/2/14 Played in 10 CG matches.
9/2/14 100 matches won
25/11/13 Top 5 CGo Team
18/10/13 Regular User
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14/6/13 Lurker Extraordinaire
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3/4/13 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
1/4/13 In an active team
1/4/13 20 matches won
1/4/13 5 matches won
31/1/14 50 matches won
Experience History
Date Event XP
19/3/18Played Match - rizeGaming vs PANTHERS20
16/3/18Played Match - DBEPAINS 2v2 vs PANTHERS | 2v220
27/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs Project EVERSIO20
26/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs Team iNFINITE40
20/2/18Played Match - sex on the beach vs PANTHERS40
20/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs Team BANHAMMER40
19/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs eQS.me40
18/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs Viperio40
13/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs team photic40
12/2/18Played Match - PANTHERS vs I will win you lose40
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User Roles/Permissions
EU PC Call of Duty 4 Admin (includes 20 Permissions)
EU PC Battalion 1944 Admin (includes 24 Permissions)
EU PC Platform Support Admin
PC: Call of Duty 4 PUG Admin
PC: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Admin
PC: CyberGamer Pay2Play League Call of Duty 4 Season 6 Admin
Unknown Event Admin
Forum moderator: [EU: PC] Call of Duty: Modern Wa... - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Rem...
Forum moderator: [EU] Brutal-Gaming - Brutal-Gaming's Organisation Pub...
Forum moderator: [EU] Double Dutch Dragons - Double Dutch Dragons's Organisat...
Game Overview
Default Game: Call of Duty 4
Default Platform: PC
CyberGamer Premium monthly final entry tickets: 8
EU PC Teams
pc cod4turbo Call of Duty 4 Team Wisers 3 Member
pc bat1944 Battalion 1944 PANTHERS Captain
pc bat19443v3 B44 (3v3) PANTHERS | 3v3 Member
pc bat19442v2 B44 (2v2) PANTHERS | 2v2 Captain
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Tournament Teams
Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
pulseCore Gaming
8:00pm 30/7/17
CoD4 P2P Season 5 Playoffs
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
7:00pm 20/5/17
3v3 - Saturday Clash
Team Wisers
6:03pm 11/2/17
P2P Season 4 Qualifier
Your Nan Gets Bullied At Bingo
6:00pm 25/9/16
P2P Season 2 - Playoffs
7:30pm 4/10/15
EU COD4 5v5 Sunday Tournament
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
Recent PUGs
mp_strike - Thursday 11:03pm March 23rd 2017
mp_backlot - Thursday 8:02pm March 16th 2017
mp_citystreets - Sunday 12:18pm March 12th 2017
mp_strike - Wednesday 7:52pm March 8th 2017
mp_strike - Wednesday 7:16pm February 22nd 2017
mp_backlot - Sunday 3:36pm February 19th 2017
mp_citystreets - Tuesday 3:10pm February 14th 2017
mp_crash - Tuesday 2:27pm February 14th 2017
mp_strike - Monday 2:22pm February 13th 2017
mp_backlot - Sunday 10:10pm February 12th 2017
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STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:149264710
Full Steam Profile: MARC :] (verified)
Full Steam ID76561198258795148
Call of Duty 4 GUID: 58c6aa0e
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STEAM_0:0:149264710 (verified)
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Total PUGs: 60
Gamertag: MARC:] -
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CPU: [Intel] i7-5820K 3,3 GHz
GPU: [Other] AMD Radeon R9 Crossfire
Monitor: Samsung [LCD]
Motherboard: ASUS X99-DELUXE/U3.1
Power Supply: 144
Case: 24 inch
Hard Disk Drive(s): Samsung 850 Pro, 256 GB SSD 2x
Keyboard: Logitech G710+ Mechanical
Head Phones: Steelseries H Wireless 7.1
Speakers: Logitech Z-5500 wireless
Mouse: [Razer] Deathadder 2k11
DPI: 16000
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK Heavy
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 5
In Game Sensitivity: 0.12
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080
In Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Laptop: MSI GE60 2OC-015NL
Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
Vehicle: Volkswagen Polo (2k11)
Stereo: Logitech Z-5500
TV: Samsung 32 inch
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