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-CyberGamer CoD4 Season 9 - Rank 6
-CyberGamer Open League Season 10 - Rank 4
-CyberGamer CoD4 One-Night One Map Cup 2015 (Crash) - Rank 1
-CyberGamer CoD4 One-Night One Map Cup 2015 (Strike) - Rank 1
-CyberGamer CoD4 One-Night Cup #4 - Rank 1
-CyberGamer P2P Cup #1 - Rank 3


[img][/img] YnGbAb - murky, Marc:], Sam, Lukayy, SuKraMzE

[img][/img] Brutal - Marcez, Roxa$, Lukayy, remix, SuKraMzE

[img][/img] imex - djov1, valkyria, dEvianCe, amish, SuKraMzE

[img][/img] KingCats - kiwi, burn, crasse, adrian, SuKraMzE

[img][/img] Revamped - LuKe, KyleEe, orixz-, murky, SuKraMzE - District Prague 5th/8th

[img][/img] pMp - mirco, Marky, Umberto, johanz, SuKraMzE - autumn lan 2.0 1st

[img][/img] Progrip - solu, beren, kAyote, skkiNN, SuKraMzE - E-Series Maximus 5th/8th

[img][/img] Peanuts - tidde, johanz, fAEkE, visseh, SuKraMzE

[img][/img] Playtech - antz, midnajt, jesus, johanz, SuKraMzE - SEC 11th/15th

[img][/img] YnGbAb - kLAAz, kalas, inzool, feint, SuKraMzE

[img][/img] Auric - Felix, antz, zabo, guana, SuKraMzE - dsrack 8th/11th

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