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pStarz: dAVEbOY,skyLnR,johnnie,svayy,me old #cod.academy & #cod.preinvite
Team Banhammer: Aleeksi,swoon,brobot,SVAYY,me #TOP20 CG
Ins.Tt: sAINt,brO,EAZYY,daveSTAR,SVAYY,me #TOP10 CG
ELITGAMERS: litiAk,NADIKA,deryck,G4box,me 5th place (ICL16)
vestige: tuckeR,Battle,RISEE,ShadeE,me 4th place (ICL22)
eMpathy: EAZYY,rYDA,pLeaSure,danx,me #TOP10 CG
fRACTAL: G4box,pepe,critzz,montrx,me #TOP20 CG
COPYRiGHT: G4box,ks3l,Theaserz,tuckeR,me
myRAGE: t0m18,raivz,Welchh,yoyooo,me


CoD4 Achievements at Esports Heaven

1st place - Reload CoD4 Summer Cup #1
1st place - National Open Night Cup
1st place - Fast winter cup 2012
1st place - Fast Night cup #1
1st place - Summer KING's Cup
1st place - XANAX CoD4 cup #2
1st place - easycups summer battle
1st place - epwn-gaming summer cup #1
1st place - Wednesday Night Cup #1
1st place - XANAX CoD4 cup #1
2nd place - Fast Night cup #1
2nd place - Netfighterz Nightcup
2nd place - The Zion Energy Cup #2
2nd place - Winter cup 2012 #Old Academy
2nd place - ETHICS eSports Cup#2
2nd place - Night Cup.European teams#1
2nd place - Ferst Fast cup by WARGAME
3rd place - ESH European 5vs5 S&D
3rd place - One Night Wonders
3rd place - xVera NightCup


Lan(s) Attend: ICL16

1st place: SnoopYGame sUNSPINX,FoXx,reveleR,GLady,cDe
2nd place: ENSOX Adamelo,louwe,SPYYY,neitheR,northzzon
3rd place: Ancients eLastic,STiN,crack,MoNti,warTz.Z
4th place: riSing eSports nicox,Frenk,FARBY,WOOXY,Snkrjan
5th place: ELITGAMERS litiAk,NADIKA,zenonz,deryck,G4box

xfire: zenonz1337

LFT: http://www.esportsheaven.com/threads/189054/zenonz-lft-scope

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