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Name: wildeyeZz
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Gender: Male
Location: Faroe Islands
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LANs Attended
- ICL11
- ICL14
- ICL15
- ICL17 (4th place)
- ICL22 (2nd place)
- Infinity Esport CoD2 Masters 2017

- bz3ro (wolfy, maZU, rpr, mau, Vanir) | Top M4 silencers
- Infinity (absor, maZU, MARTH, MG, Vanir) | Top 10 CG Season 5
- ReVisioN (Sv!Z, V!NNy, h3D#, goh4N#, Vanir) | 4th Place ICL17
- Citrons (STiN, sn4ke, mons, deryck, Vanir) | Top10 CG Season 7 (got into CGi)
- fRACTAL (dERYCK, G4box, pepe, critzz, Vanir) | 1st place CG midseason and 2nd place ICL22

- Played with maZU
- Got banned three times for being abusive
- Dropped absor on Backlot
- Got kicked out of CGi because our org baited us and didnt pay l0l
- Made many bad fragmovies
- Hit more crazy noscopes than all of you combined

- Online:
- ICL15:
- ICL17:
- ICL22:

Movies (many more on my channel)

25,000 viewss thread
Gold League Team
Season finalist
100 forum posts
2,500 forum posts
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