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Name: Renaud
Age/Gender: 30, Male
Location: France, Metropolitan, Angers
Registered: 27/7/11
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9:19pm 27/12/14 Joined Venom Esports, a PC: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, rank of Captain.
7:18pm 14/12/14 Joined We'R Back, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (2v2) team, rank of Member.
6:08pm 15/11/14 Joined Team France | Nations Cup, a PC: Call of Duty 4 Nations Cup team, rank of Captain.
8:39pm 28/9/14 Joined VENOM eSports, a PC: Call of Duty 4 team, rank of Captain.
4:45pm 25/9/14 Joined frenchStyle!, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (2v2) team, rank of Member.
8:58pm 1/9/14 Joined Venom Esports Team 4, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (Mix) team, rank of Captain.
7:11pm 31/8/14 Joined VENOM | Open League, a PC: Call of Duty 4 Open League team, rank of Captain.
12:31am 12/7/14 Joined SUPER VENOM, a PC: Call of Duty 4 (2v2) team, rank of Captain.
7:56pm 7/1/14 Joined Venom Esports | Invite, a PC: CyberGamer Pay2Play League Call of Duty 4 Season 6 team, rank of Captain.
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Username: $haDy
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[Offline results]

#Brussels 2014: 9th (on 16) Venom Esports
H2K Screen
CGF Screen
In7 Screen
Germinus Screen
Blacksails Screen
Phase Screen
Sow Screen

#Gamer Assembly 2014: 3rd (on 22) Venom Esports
Shark Screen
Makeit Screen
Play5 Screen
E-SHOCK Screen
Wait4it Screen
Revoltz Screen

#Gamer Assembly 2013: 7th (on 39) Venom Esports
Empire Screen
Cyber PC Screen
Vs Screen
Osmoze Screen
K-Rnage Screen

#Gamer Assembly 2012: 12th (on 26) Venom Esports
Display Screen
E2G Screen
Evokate Screen
Saucisson Screen

[Online results]

#CG Invite league season 9th
Granted Screen
Phase Screen
Aura Screen
n2L Screen
Born Elite Humans Screen
The Rugrats Screen

#CG season 9th: Top 5
Biscuits Screen
Bulking Screen
BLR Gaming Screen
Phase Screen
Hashtag Screen
Scrumps Screen
FBI Screen
One Eyed Girl Gaming Screen
Join The Force Screen
madLion Screen

#CG Invite league season 8th
Granted Screen
Born Helite Human Screen
Rising Screen
Cyborg Screen
eSuba Screen

#CG season 8th: Top 10
Nyancat Screen
One Eard Girl Gaming Screen
Animate Screen
Myrage uk Screen
Pray4 Screen
Potega Screen
iPLAY Screen
pulseCore Screen
H2K mix Screen

#CG season 7th: Top 15
Mistral Screen
AT Gaming Screen
Lions Screen
S1ck Screen
Vs Screen
Ace Screen
xNc Screen
Decento Screen
Nyancat Screen
SHARK Screen
MyRage Screen
iPLAY Screen
Control Screen
sCazzo Screen

#Cup season 6th: 1/8
H2K Screen

#CG season 6th: Top 10
Edifier Screen
Phantasmagoria Screen
Buykey Screen
X9 Screen
Zova Screen
IN7 Screen
Wave Screen
Hns Screen
ECV Screen
L3X Screen
Authentik Screen
Vs Screen

#Cup season 5th: 1/8
H2K Screen

#CG season 5th: Top 30
EasyFix Screen
Mg Screen
Visualize Screen
Shark Screen
Snowg Screen
madGods Screen
ImGaming Screen
WildStar Screen
Decerto Screen
xNc Screen
Cyborg Screen

#CG season 4th: Top 20
madGods Screen
Aicon Screen
Binside Screen
Spcroteam Screen
iQon Screen

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3/5/17 Voted in 25 Polls
30/11/14 Created a public thread that received 10,000 Views
13/6/14 Played in 250 CG matches.
14/4/14 I don't like change
18/3/14 Played in 100 CG matches.
28/2/14 Friends with 100 other members.
21/2/14 Played in 50 CG matches.
11/2/14 Played in 25 CG matches.
3/2/14 Received a trophy.
2/2/14 Played in 10 CG matches.
31/1/14 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
30/1/14 Tipped 70% correct after 100 tips
30/1/14 Tipped 55% correct after 100 tips
30/1/14 Tipped 100 matches
25/1/14 Competed in an invite standard competition
25/1/14 Competed in CGi
24/1/14 Profile viewed by 1000 different users
6/1/14 First placed CGo Team!
18/11/13 1337 Thread Viewer
12/11/13 Excellent Forum Poster
13/10/13 Viewed 1000 Profiles, final version
12/9/13 Completed Profile!
22/7/13 Added 100 buddies!
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5/7/13 Mobile Viewer!
30/6/13 Totally Addicted
10/6/13 Exalted User
15/5/13 Profile viewed 1,000 times
2/1/13 Top 5 CGo Team
8/11/12 Profile viewed by 100 different users
23/9/12 Top 10 CGo Team!
28/6/12 20 matches won
6/6/12 Restraining Order
6/6/12 Viewed 100 Profiles
5/5/12 In an active team
17/4/12 Regular User
29/3/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 7
26/3/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 5
23/3/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
9/2/12 5 matches won
29/11/11 Addicted
29/11/11 Lurker Extraordinaire
14/8/11 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
31/1/14 100 matches won
31/1/14 50 matches won
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Date Event XP
22/3/15Played Match - Team Czech Republic | Nations Cup vs Team France | Nations Cup20
11/2/15Played Match - Team Russia | Nations Cup vs Team France | Nations Cup40
4/2/15Played Match - My Little Pony vs VENOM eSports20
21/1/15Played Match - myDesire Esports vs VENOM eSports40
20/1/15Played Match - Peos Juices vs VENOM eSports40
18/1/15Played Match - VENOM eSports vs BEYOND40
8/1/15Played Match - Team Germany | Nations Cup vs Team France | Nations Cup40
31/12/14Played Match - Team France | Nations Cup vs Team Spain | Nations Cup80
22/12/14Played Match - Team Ukraine | Nations Cup vs Team France | Nations Cup80
15/12/14Played Match - [we'food] vs We'R Back40
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mp_strike - Tuesday 8:09pm August 9th 2011
mp_crash - Thursday 2:45pm July 28th 2011
mp_crash - Sunday 3:07pm August 14th 2011
mp_crash - Thursday 1:31pm July 28th 2011
mp_vacant - Thursday 12:39pm July 28th 2011
mp_crash - Wednesday 12:37pm August 10th 2011
mp_strike - Monday 7:51pm August 8th 2011
mp_crash - Monday 6:46pm August 8th 2011
mp_crash - Thursday 7:11pm August 11th 2011
mp_citystreets - Wednesday 6:20pm August 10th 2011
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CPU: [Intel] I5-4570
RAM: 8 GoMB Corsair DDR PC12800
Monitor: 24" 144Htz [Other]
Motherboard: Asus
Power Supply: Corsaire 500w
Case: NZXT
Hard Disk Drive(s): SSD 120go + DD 1To
Keyboard: G510
Head Phones: Logitech 2.1
Speakers: G35
Mouse: [Logitech] G400
DPI: 1000
Mousepad: Steelseries
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 5
In Game Sensitivity: 1.7
In Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Mobile Phone: GALAXY S III mini
Vehicle: Peugeot 206xt 1.9HDI / Audi A3 tdi 140
TV: Sony Bravia 102cm
Mp3 Player: Archos 4Go
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