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Name: Fridolin Frost
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Location: Germany
Registered: July 27th 2011
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Status: Online 32 days ago
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- Playing CSGO now -

last team
BRUTAL (sukramze, marc, roxas, lukay, remix)
-CyberGamer P2P League Season 1 - Rank 3
-CyberGamer CoD4 Season 9 - Rank 6
-CyberGamer Open League Season 10 - Rank 4
-CyberGamer CoD4 One-Night One Map Cup 2015 (Crash) - Rank 1
-CyberGamer CoD4 One-Night One Map Cup 2015 (Strike) - Rank 1
-CyberGamer CoD4 One-Night Cup #4 - Rank 1

some past teams ( really cant remember lineups, sorry :p )
BRUTAL/xNc/JTF (sukramze marcez, roxas, lukay, remix)
i.Tt (funteam)
myRevenge (invite, cgm, big amount of cup wins)
banhammer / cHaos (invite, cgm/i, ems playoffs, big amount of cup wins)
LeiSuRe (preinvite, eps, ems playoffs) (preinvite, eps)
prediction gaming e.V.(top 10 cb Kappaface)
187 (top 5 in Battlefield 2)

Personal Achievements (joke)
-one of ~10 good germans who never got banned
-never went to lan
-got more than 4 months of ban in esl only for flame
-got a lifetimeban from xnc cups after winning 6 cups in a row
-first player in ESL.cod4 who got the Versus MVP award in 2 seasons

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