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Name: Dennis Slegers
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Name: Dennis
Age: 25
Birthday: 29 september 1986
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch (flemish)

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Antwerp Esports Festival (AEF) 2010
Team: Vivarium (Sinner, nupza, shaun3h, vixxen & layzz)

Outpost on Fire 4 (OOF4) 2011
Team: FRIDAY (layzz, ayvae, sequwow, choobie, cliox)

E-series Maximus (2011)
Team: Regez (layzz, rk0, murky, skoblazz, thekoyaa)

Epic.Eight (2012)
Team: ZeroGravity (layzz, mou5se, zAne, flYyY, princesspeach)

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Xfire: layzz

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