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Name: Steven Gow
Age: 22
Birthday: 26 September 1989
Country: Scotland
Language: English & Gaelic

Lans attented

Team: Vapex (steveSTAR, Daygone, STK, Bling, Ownzr)

Team: All Up On My Dick No Homo (steveSTAR, Metal, Under, Valkia, Matt)

Team: Double Fisted Masturbation Squad (steveSTAR, Chav, Plums, Domz, PpR)

Dublin Esports Event
Team: RAGE (steveSTAR, Darzy, Batzr, Nemix, Atari)

Currently playing for: eMpathy
(steveSTAR, DaRz, Marc, Nemix, George)

Weapon: AK

Contact details:
Xfire: theoldswitcharoo

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