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I started playing games on a more regular basis at the age of 12 or 13, before this ofcourse i always had fun playing on the PS1 until moving to the PS2 and xbox, playing games like all kids did. Once i went around my friends house who i recently met after starting to attend highschool his father was playing Medal of Honour, i found the game so awesome, being able to just jump on and play against other people across the world, after a short time I was bought my own PC and medal of honour to go along with it, this is where it began, after years of playing MoH:AA and MoH:SH/BT the same person showed me CoD1 when it released, I ofcourse bought CoD and since then played roughly 4 years of CoD1, during that time CoD2 was released and i bought it on release day, but didn't like it much, so after a month of playing i went back to CoD1, eventually near the end of CoD2s era and roughly 8 months before the due release of CoD4 i began playing CoD2 again and joined Rifle Only teams as thats what i mainly played for the previous 5 years, Rifle Only. Eventually i started playing All weapons in clanbase and so on and then when CoD4 release i made the goal to wanting to become "pro" and attend events and stuff, and so, 4 years later, here i am.

CoD4 Teams:

- Team Paranoia (phantasy - 9mm - aaron - brze - delz0r)
- (phantasy - random - buCk - ramZ - Kaur)
- exabyte (phantasy - Juszn - Lighters - rzE - luni)
- Reason Gaming (phantasy - Juszn - Lighters - rzE - nreo)
- Team Sypher - (phantasy - pukka - Saltman - saucE - Kajsk1ng)
- Team Coolermaster (phantasy - vasquez - Tw!st - Germaine - robyYE)
- Team Dignitas - (phantasy - germaine - robyYE - raz - nreo)
- Winfakt! - (phantasy - Trigger/Zenith - mark - reflexzR - killzx)

LAN results:

#4th i33 (exabyte)
#1st SGL (Reason)
#1st Sycosis 2 (Reason)
#2nd CLUK21 (Mix)
#8th AEF (Reason)
#3rd TEX08 (Reason)
#4th i34 (Reason)
#4th i35 (Sypher)
#3rd i36 (TCM)
#3rd LAN79 (TCM)
#1st Intel Friday night (YYT mix)
#1st UKESA (TCM)
#1st EPS Finals (TCM)
#2nd TEX09 (TCM)
#2nd i37 (TCM)
#2nd i38 (Dignitas)
#fail CiC7 (Dignitas)
#1st i39 (Dignitas)
#5th SEC (Dignitas)
#1st Gamersject (Dignitas)
#1st i40 (Dignitas)
#3rd Dee LAN (Winfakt)
#2nd SAGE (Winfakt)
#3rd Adroits (Winfakt)
#4th i43 (OTR mix)
#3rd i44 (Dignitas)
#5th epic8 (exabyte mix)

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28/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs TEAMCARL!40
27/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs EVERYONE IS CHEATING40
24/5/15Played Match - :o) vs Ming Lee's Army20
20/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs NFY nubz40
19/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs madHaterz40
18/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs NFY nubz40
18/5/15Played Match - team Druidz e-sports mixing vs Ming Lee's Army40
17/5/15Played Match - Seems Legit: Mix Team vs Ming Lee's Army40
16/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs asdasd40
15/5/15Played Match - Ming Lee's Army vs asdasd40
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